Spacetech Astrome 5G

Inside Astrome’s vision to accelerate 5G deployment in rural India

Founded by serial entrepreneurs Prasad H L Bhat and Neha Satak in 2015, Astrome provides Gigabit speed telecommunication solutions to telecom service providers, enterprises and defence. It is also accelerating the deployment of 5G in suburban and broadband in rural areas through its patented telecom radios and satellite communication products.

In the last decade, there has been a massive in demand for data, thereby driving the need to move to a higher frequency spectrum (millimeter-wave) so that higher data rates can be achieved in wireless communication. Among millimeter-wave frequencies, the E-band frequencies have gained much traction due to their fiber-like data performance and long-range communication.

In this episode of DeepTech Studio, Neha Satak, decodes how Astrome accelerates 5G deployment in rural areas. Satak also highlights the factors driving the billion dollar Gigamesh, Gigasat market. Additionally, Astrome signed signed its first overseas deal with a South-East Asian telecom operator in 2021. Satak explains how the deal would help them capture different markets and the opportunities it opens up for the company.

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