Inside AI creating exciting moments from long footage for broadcasters

It was February of 2016. During the keynote at Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, Mark Zuckerberg made a case for the future of content to be video. He argued that the world of live streaming would offer an unfiltered view of events unfolding as opposed to the picture-perfect curation social media brings. And the revolution was faster than expected. As pandemic rolled in, video and live streaming specifically finally found its catalyst. And cashing in on this revolution is Toch AI.

The Mumbai based AI tech company is revolutionizing the way content is used and developed in videos. Toch AI’s philosophy is to drive maximum engagement and monetization of the long running footage produced. The AI engine, meanwhile, assists in condensing the long footage into exciting bite sized content with speech detection and vision models. It picks out the key moments with potential to drive maximum engagement and optimizes to be published on any screen across platforms. has been catering to a vast network of broadcasters, OTT platforms, media platforms, and content creators.

Recently, Toch AI also launched a Rs 100 crore Startup Fund to invest in video & audio tech start-ups globally over a period of time. This Startup Fund initiative is the brainchild of the three co-founders of Vinayak Shrivastav, Saket Dandotia, and Alok Patil. The fund aims to empower early-stage start-ups in Mumbai to drive innovation and bolster growth in the industry.

In this episode of Deep Takes, co-founder and CEO, Vinayak Shrivastav talks about the startup and his entrepreneurial journey, a detailed picture into the way AI aids in the engagement and monetization aspect of the video and about the startup fund.

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