Innovations ahead in cloud computing

The elastic nature of cloud platforms and pay-as-you-go pricing, have proven to be very effective. Here, Tarun Dua, MD and co-founder, E2E Networks, elaborates on the cloud-based technologies.
Cloud computing

Tarun Dua, E2E Networks

Dataquest: What will be the importance of cloud computing in the next five years?

Tarun Dua: Cloud computing is the base of all the latest technologies, and we are in, what Gartner calls, the second decade of cloud computing. In the upcoming years, only a few workloads would be running on truly on-premise private clouds. The elastic nature of cloud platforms and pay-as-you-go pricing, have proven to be effective. Innovations in cloud computing hold key to foster technologies like artificial intelligence, IoT, and data analytics.

Dataquest: How has enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure benefited SMEs today?

Tarun Dua: Setting up enterprise grade on-premise compute infrastructure facilities at SMEs, has been a hard problem to solve. This is due to the large one-time acquisition costs of enterprise-grade big box hardware/enterprise software to manage virtualization/compute and operational expenses of running it, using highly-trained team members.

Enterprise grade on-premise compute facilities added a significant management burden due to the fact that failure is not an option. Significant resources expended on the on-premise enterprise facilities meant that management attention was needed to ensure its success. Public cloud infrastructure provides enterprise-grade computing facilities on the tap without fear of failure of a large capex-driven project (even with amortization facility that most large vendors provide).

As a pay-as-you-go model is inherently less risky, and significantly less management bandwidth needs to be expended consequently.

Dataquest: Give us a brief about GPU services from E2E Networks.

Tarun Dua: The Tesla V100 GPU-based instances help data scientists and AI engineers to accelerate their deep learning workloads. This dramatically decreases the time required for deep learning training and inference. On E2E Networks’ public cloud, high-performance Tesla V100 GPU-based instances can be had for either hourly pricing or monthly pricing, with a massive pricing advantage over any other public cloud offering, comparable GPU compute infrastructure.

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