InMobi chooses Dell converged infrastructure for accelerated deployment and to drive power efficiencies

Dell, the world’s fastest growing large integrated IT Company, announced that InMobi, the world’s largest discovery platform, has chosen Dell converged infrastructure offering for accelerated deployment and drive power efficiencies. Last month, Dell and InMobi had announced a partnership that will help build innovative and potentially disruptive solutions to increase business agility and enhance outcomes for InMobi.

As per the MoU, InMobi will gain exclusive rights to select Dell products made available for beta testing and customization through the InMobi-Dell datacentre scalable solutions. Dell will leverage the partnership to draw insights into the customer needs of server, networking and storage for high computing needs and big data requirements.

In this latest deployment, InMobi moved to Dell’s FX2 servers which is part of Dell’s converged infrastructure strategy by offering the PowerEdge FX blade-based architecture in the form of a 2U rack-mounted modular compute and storage platform. This has helped increased the compute density by 1.5x with future plans to move the DB and grid class machines as well. It also included Custom Factory Integration for asset tagging, PXE enable, disable F1/F2 prompt, iDRAC DHCP etc. The deployment also involved Dell’s Open Manage Power Center (OMPC) to measure, report and cap the power consumption. The OMPC helps maximize visibility and control with innovative power and thermal management software.

There have been some clear, instant business benefits derived from the deployment in terms of increased rack density by 50 per cent, thereby reducing operational expenditure. The OMPC has helped add more servers per rack and is able to monitor real time utilization of power consumption.

The Networking 10G/40G infrastructure scale that Dell networking provided with the Z-series platform enabled Inmobi to sustain 138 Billion monthly add impressions and a Billion active users. Dell Datacenter Networking solution is an ‘invest-as-you-grow’ leaf-spine architecture with superlative operative ergonomics, Software Defined Orchestration; and, enriched with Open Networking, Multiple operating system alternatives.

Sanjay Kharb, Vice President- Production Engineering, InMobi said: “InMobi is at the helm of reimagining mobile advertising by empowering seamless discovery, enhancing mobile user experience and enabling the mobile ecosystem to become more agile and robust. We needed a partner who could help support our dynamic requirements and found the right one in Dell. Dell’s rate of deployment and provisioning of servers have helped our business teams serve to market faster and we are extremely happy.”

Manish Gupta, Director, Enterprise Solutions Group said: “We operate in a constantly evolving and dynamic marketplace and need to be able to move at the speed of business to add real, measureable business value to our customers. InMobi believed there was a clear opportunity to accelerate server deployment and stem the inefficient utilization of power. We are confident that our FX2 converged architecture combined with our industry-leading OMPC solution will help InMobi exponentially gain competitive business advantage.”   

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