Ingegno launches India Grid for Learning (IGfL)

New Update

Ingegno Transmedia, a Chennai based startup focused on the Content ecosystem offering content and technology solutions for education, corporate and public enterprises has launched the India Grid for Learning (IGfL) - a complete educational ecosystem for technology enabled learning and teaching experiences in India.


 Its a cloud based Single Sign-On (SSO) platform, IGfL is said to be the first true education marketplace and Identity Access Management (IAM) platform in India, aiming to create a seamless synchronized education administration, teaching and learning experience across institutions in India. The company says that its easily accessible, affordable, effective and efficient as a technology enabled learning and teaching platform. Through IGfL the company says it wants to ensure every school and institution with  a personalized education delivery system and provide access to world class research, effective feedback mechanisms, unified communication, storage, collaboration, analytics and a complete education service delivery mechanism.


 According to  Venu Prasad Menon, CEO, Ingegno Transmedia, "We are excited to launch the India Grid for Learning (IGfL), an India-specific offering of the Global Grid for Learning (GGfL) platform in India, at a time when millions of tech savvy students and  teachers, educationists and content providers, schools and institutions are already connected to the Internet, with about 550 million more connecting by 2018. Also, with the integration of education centers with cloud data centers and virtualization, the opportunities in the education ecosystem are huge ". 


  What IGfL offers?

 The GGfL platform currently hosts 2 MN students and more than a 300,000 teachers on board the 'We the Teachers' (WTT) community. The platform serves educational content from more than 50 leading publishers across the world, has connectors to 300 world class educational technology products, in addition to housing a large repository of enriching educational content, tools and assets.

 IGfL is built on a platform conceptualized at the Cambridge University Press, and is currently owned by Edutone Corporation, an award winning educational technology company based in the US, and the platform is currently used across a 100,000+ educational institutions in the UK, the US and Australia. The platform is also deeply integrated with Intel’s educational catalog in the US and has strong integrations into Microsoft products. IGfL also provides opportunities for over 150 plus Indian and global content owners/publishers and educational technology companies to showcase their offerings to the diversified Indian market, in the process, enabling India turn into a true knowledge economy. Moreover its partnered independently with global leaders like D2L, SchoolMessenger, Codestars and others, IGfL offers world class educational content, learning technology and other resources.


IGfL will also engage, educate and empower the student community, who will become a major part of the workforce in the next couple of decades. The company sources say that by offering a scalable, device agonistic and stable technology platform  will make it easier for schools to more widely support 1:1 and hasten Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives, as well as mobile interoperability.

Moreover with IGfL, every student and teacher will have a customized grid with their own username and password and a single point of access to all of their web-based resources. The grid will work on any device and operating system, it can be accessed anytime, anywhere, be it from school, home or in between during transit. 

Plotagon App


This is indeed a very interesting app that's part of IGfL, its called Plotagon, a Sweden based start-up's educational app is one such award winning disruptive app, which will be a great tool for students, teachers and creative individuals alike. For instance, teachers can effectively capture the attention of students in the classroom while teaching, creative minds can easily write screenplays and scripts and animate them to make videos and movies.

Up Ahead

Going forward, the company has plans to reach out to 100,000 schools in India in the next 5 years, through public agencies and partner networks, and aspires to become the preferred gateway for international education technology companies and educational institutions alike for choice of educational technology and content. Also, Ingegno will enable Indian content and ed-tech companies in showcasing disruptive and innovative technologies, in addition to facilitating their integration with global players, thus helping them focus on and building on their core products. Ingegno already has identified the first set of Indian ed-tech startups that will get onboard the platform in the upcoming months.

 The company will also pursue other initiatives like Implementing India’s first lifelong learning skills training portal (Skillability), that caters to complete skill development across multiple areas. As the company's CEO sums up, "We aspire  to create a truly global ecosystem that enables and facilitates lifelong learning".

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