Infosys to offer Healthcare analytics solutions on Microsoft Intelligent Cloud Technology

Integrating technology and data science to develop analytics solutions for contextualized decision support to healthcare providers and payers

IT services major Infosys announced that it will collaborate with Microsoft Corp., a global leader in platform and productivity offerings, to deploy advanced analytics solutions to support healthcare organizations in their digital transformation.

The healthcare industry is undergoing a paradigm shift largely due to consumerization and increasing costs. With the advent of advanced analytics and cloud technologies, it is now possible to process, store and analyze large volumes of structured and unstructured datasets at a lower cost, which can yield tremendous benefits to various healthcare processes. Today, these processes are managed by custom solutions or through CRM platforms like Microsoft Dynamics. Infosys has developed healthcare analytics solutions to augment the current processes and make them more efficient using Microsoft Cortana Analytics Suite.

Infosys analytics healthcare solutions will enable healthcare professionals to unlock the potential of a wide range of datasets. Insights generated from this will help track population health trends, advance clinical effectiveness and enhance patient satisfaction. They will also help providers improve operational effectiveness and financial and administrative performance. These solutions use the common healthcare reference architecture that is built on Microsoft technology.

Through the use of different Microsoft analytics offerings such as Cortana Analytics Suite and SQL Server 2016, organizations will have a compelling and economical alternative to niche analytical products, without having to change their current enterprise storage solution. These solutions will give enterprises the ability to integrate databases and publish layers with enterprise-grade security.

One of the solutions focuses on making the actuarial planning process efficient. This helps payers to forecast the utilization and cost of care for better actuarial planning. Another solution focuses on supporting healthcare contact center processes implemented in Microsoft Dynamics to provide live decision support to contact agents. This reduces costs, increases the return on investment for existing tools and brings healthcare providers closer to a fully realized cloud infrastructure.

“This relationship will provide managed care organizations with the tools to improve clinical and operational effectiveness at a reasonable cost. It will also provide health-care call centers with contextualized customer support and self-service options to both consumers and healthcare workers,” said Manish Tandon, Executive Vice President, Global Head, Healthcare, Insurance and Life Sciences.

“Cortana Analytics is a fully managed Big Data and advanced analytics suite that enables customers to transform data into intelligent action,” said Joseph Sirosh, corporate vice president of the Data Group, Microsoft. “The technology we have today at Microsoft, and the deep collaboration with Infosys, will enable novel healthcare solutions that make smarter decisions, improve customer service, and uncover new possibilities to transform patient care faster than ever before.”

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