Infosys Income Tax Portal Glitches

Infosys to Fix Income Tax Portal Glitches in One Week, Trusts Request Extension of Due Date for Form 10A Registration

Income Tax portal glitches are yet to be fixed by Infosys, and trusts are requesting for extension of due date for Form 10A registration

Income Tax portal glitches will soon be fixed by Infosys said the team from the company, which was led by the CEO and COO after a meeting with Nirmala Sitharaman, Union Minister for Finance and Corporate Affairs Minister, Anurag Singh Thakur, Union Minister of State for Finance and Corporate Affairs along with various other stakeholders. The minister exhorted Infosys to make the portal more humane and user-friendly, while emphasizing that enhanced taxpayer service is an important priority for the Indian Government, and every effort should be made to amplify the same.

The minister expressed her deep concern on the problems being faced by stakeholders and asked  Infosys to address all issues, improve their services and redress grievances without further loss of time as it was impacting taxpayers adversely. Infosys stated that several of the technical issues had already been resolved and assured that the other glitches such as e-proceedings, Form 15CA/15CB, TDS statements, DSC, viewing of past ITRs, and so on are expected to be resolved in about a week. The specific timelines shared by the company would be placed in the public domain soon.

However, citizens on the other hand have been facing problems in activating Form 10A the due date for which is 30 June 2021. “Request you to look into Form 10A activation as the due date is 30 June 2021 and still form is not available. If the due date passes, unnecessary hassles will be created for a charitable trust. The extension is required to meet the deadline,” says Nidhi G. “Form 10A that is re-registration of trusts is not available in the new site and the due date is 30 June 2021. What steps are being taken on this ?” asks Sachin Joshi. However, an announcement on this is yet to be made.

The new e-filing portal 2.0 of the Income Tax Department ( went live on 7 June 2021. Since its launch, there were numerous glitches in the functioning of the new portal. Citizens have been drawing the attention of authorities regarding the same on social media platforms. The Infosys team has now acknowledged the technical issues in the functioning of the portal and shared the status of the resolution with respect to the issues highlighted by the stakeholders.

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  1. Sharad C. Kapadia says:

    How come the government department activates the portal before trial run? Hope Infy will have set it right by now.

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