Infosys Collaborates With Microsoft to Accelerate Digital Transformation and Innovation in Smart Buildings and Spaces

Infosys and Microsoft will also open an Innovation Lab in Redmond, USA, that will focus on developing and co-creating new solutions for Smart Buildings and Spaces

Infosys announced a collaboration with Microsoft to deliver smart buildings and spaces (SB&S) solutions for the architecture, engineering, construction, facilities management and real estate development markets. Leveraging the latest digital technologies, the solutions aim to improve the entire lifecycle of building construction and operations, and the user experiences of those that manage and work in buildings.

The collaboration will benefit from Microsoft Azure services, and sensor-enabled devices, along with Infosys’ global network of innovation hubs, experience design and expertise in building connected ecosystems to develop SB&S solutions. These will improve energy efficiencies, optimize space utilization, enable higher people productivity and deliver differentiated user experiences.

Built on Azure, IoT, and intelligent cloud and edge technologies, the solutions will include building system monitoring, analysis and predictive maintenance, building occupancy and space utilization analytics, as well as enhanced owner, operator, and tenant experiences.

The first solution from this strategic collaboration, uses a rich set of Microsoft technologies supporting Infosys’ proprietary SCALE (Sustainable-Connected-Affordable-Livable-Experiential) framework for smart buildings. This solution for Smart Building Management enables building automation, monitoring and control of operational assets to drive efficiencies across building energy, water, lighting and acoustical systems, by using an integrated command center that optimizes these resources though predictive analytics.

The solution augments human intelligence with AI to dramatically reduce costs and help accelerate the design of digital workspaces that respond to human activity, and significantly improve comfort and productivity. The solution will transform living and working spaces to sustainable, purpose-driven environments.

Infosys and Microsoft will also open an Innovation Lab in Redmond, USA, that will focus on developing and co-creating new solutions for SB&S that cross industries. This lab will be an extension of the Infosys’ Smart Workplace Hub in Indianapolis. It will focus on each company’s cross-industry experiences in emerging technologies to incubate ideas, co-create physical assets and prototypes, establish frameworks and guidelines for the domain, and the development of a partner ecosystem for SB&S solutions.

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