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Digital India

PM Narendra Modi today flags off his much ambitious ‘Digital India’ initiative aiming to connect the entire country through broadband by 2019. Charting the roadmap for the ‘Digital India’ scheme worth Rs 1,00, 000 crore, PM Modi announced a plethora of projects including initiatives on digital locker, Swachh Bharat Mission App, Aadhaar Mobile Update app, center of excellence on IoT, eHospitals, National Scholarship Portal, amongst many.

Under this initiative, the government has developed e-hospital portal where major hospitals which include AIIMS, Ram Monohar Lohia Hospital, National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences. According to reports, four institutes have been enrolled with e-hospital portal.

The Industry supports the Digital India initiative:
Microsoft_Satya_Nadella_WideSatya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft" Microsoft is proud to be a part of Digital India launch and believe that technology can uniquely support the government’s initiatives in key areas including: rural internet connectivity, digital cloud services for all it’s citizens, and communications and productivity services for the Government. At Microsoft, our focus is on empowering every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.  Likewise, the Digital India initiative is focused on harnessing the power of technology to help India transform.  In fact, to help drive this transformation we are bringing our marquee cloud services – Microsoft Azure, Dynamics and Office 365 – to local datacenters in India to accelerate cloud innovation, connect every Indian and every Indian business to the world through our global hyper-scale cloud. We believe that the democratizing force of software and digital technology will enable India’s future innovators and entrepreneurs to purse their dreams, Indian businesses to transform and seize the opportunities ahead and enable the talent and ingenuity of the human capital in India to thrive.  I would like to congratulate and extend my best wishes to the Honorable Prime Minister, and the Honorable IT Minister and every Indian citizen and business on this occasion. I look forward to seeing how technology can enable India’s transformation in the years ahead."
pratik Co Founder, MyOperator

Pratik Jain, Co-Founder, MyOperator“The vision of a digital India is grand. If successful, it could transform citizen access to multimedia information, content and services. It also gives the government access to a great deal of information. However, laying cables doesn't ensure they will be used.​ The startup ecosystem is waiting for such initiatives. Absence of startup friendly policies has made many successful startups shift their bases outside India. This initiative can be the start of a big change. I am very optimistic about it.”

NitinNitin Gupta, CEO and Founder, PayU India

"Digital India is a great step and it will add both efficiency and transparency  in the system. We as a digital payments company will be even more benefitted as this will increase the number of people accessing Internet in India.  We salute the initiative"

RohitRohit Raghav, Co-Founder, Phone Warrior

Digitalization must be accompanied by democratization. Indians need, and deserve, a visionary approach to public services like Digital India initiative. However, one of the fundamental lacunae in British-era bureaucracy systems in our country is lack of feedback systems for government policies and execution. Service that will go completely digital will become faceless to a large extent and run the risk of big gaps in delivery quality. Ubiquitous mobile phones could be ideal partner for government and people in facilitating very fast, simple, and accurate real-time feedback. True democratization means true empowerment and it can begin now.

Rajat Mohanty CEO at Paladion Networks

Rajat Mohanty, CEO & Co-Founder, Paladion Networks 

"It is very encouraging to see cyber security being given emphasis in the Digital India Campaign. India has a lot of talent and there are many entrepreneurs brimming with ideas on information security. The Digital India Campaign will give a boost to the 'Make In India Cyber Security Market.'" 

Nilesh JainNilesh Jain, Country Sales Director- (India and SAARC), Trend Micro

“The Digital India Campaign is certainly a strong step towards the next level of transformation for the country. Along with this initiative, it is necessary to understand the security implication and readiness of the masses. With best of infrastructure and investment along with sound security support, this can revolutionise the country with huge growth implications.”

amitAmit Nath, Country Manager, India & SAARC – F-Secure

The digital India initiative is a huge transformation project which will take the country’s economic growth to the next level along with bringing significant employment opportunities. Along with taking this special initiative, it is essential to take the cyber laws and security aspects into consideration. It is certain that cybercrime will be on a rise and we will need to consider whether India is ready & inline to this digital future. Furthermore, the security aspect of the infrastructure is required to be crafted carefully and the positive side is that all these necessary technologies and services exist today. We just have to be certain that they are in place, very much strong and that masses are familiar & savvy with these services being offered to them."

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