The Industry Interactions Offers Us Opportunity to Engage with Faculty and Influence Curriculum Design Of Institutions Whom We Engage With

Anshuman Ray, Senior Director, HR, Synopsys India gives his perspective on the HR challenges in an interview to Dataquest. Excerpts:

Q. If you look at the ICT skills landscape, what according to you are the 2 challenges the industry is facing now?

  1. We struggle to get a talent who has a good blend of deep Technical Skills and Frontline Leadership Competencies
  2. We notice visible gaps between academic-brilliance and industry-readiness of talent who are passing out from institutions.

Q. The Digital Disruption coupled with automation has completely changed the nature of tech skills required for today’s ICT jobs – as an organization how are you coping with sourcing the right skills?

The Industry-Academia interactions offer us the opportunity to engage with Faculty and influence curriculum design of institutions whom we engage with. Our Talent Incubation Program is structured to ingrain foundational competencies & provide exposure to live projects. Further, we invest in building robust resources internally for continuous upgradation of skills for our employees. Some of the technical programs are mandatory for our workforce.

Our  “Hire to Win” program conditions every manager to the imperatives of talent assessment. “Agile Learning” is one of the Six Key Behavior in Synopsys  and Hiring Managers assess the competence levels of incumbents as a part of our hiring process. In the event of a trade-off we hire talent with the right values, the required technical proficiency and then build upon the skills through well designed foundational courses

Q. What are your top 2 priorities for your HR organization the ongoing year and what makes your company an employer of choice of ICT job aspirants?

The top 2 priorities for us in the region while we are experiencing growth are scale and enabling a culture to effectively deal with change.

We are an Employer of Choice as we are known to:  

  1. a) Nurture careers (against offering just Jobs) and hence it is not unusual to have employees with long tenures
  2. b) Sustaining high Employee Engagement Scores which is attributed to Industry leadership, quality of jobs, investment in technology, an energized, inclusive and diverse culture and excellent work environment.

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