Indus Net Technologies and E-Cube Energy come together for energy data consumption

Indus Net Technologies and E-Cube Energy have set up a joint venture company, EnergyTech Ventures with a vision of helping economies double Energy/Resource Productivity. With the growing concerns on environment, climate change and acceptance of Paris Agreement, governments/businesses across the globe are focusing on increasing energy/resource productivity.

Digitization and IoT are set to play a significant role going forward if economies/businesses are to look at doubling Energy/Resource Productivity. Lot of developments have taken place in respect to acquisition of data & deploying it on cloud platforms, however the lack of ability/skill set to generate sector specific insights and call to actions has been restricting wide acceptance of BigData and IoT solutions. EnergyTech Ventures by operating in the Fog Layer & developing sector specific algorithms aims to fill that void.

EnergyTech Ventures would bring in the best of Energy and Technology, thereby changing the way businesses/industries look at Energy Data analytics and it’s usage in assessing, reporting and managing energy productivity. EnergyTech’s business model innovation is going to help compliment each and every stakeholder in the #IoT landscape.

Addressing the media at the announcement of the joint venture company, Mr. Abhishek Rungta, CEO, Indus Net Technologies said, “Improving Energy/Resource Productivity essentially means using less or same energy/resources to do produce more. EnergyTech Ventures is focused on creating products/solutions that help clients extract the maximum value out of their data assets and provide a support system that will enable them to make investments, take initiatives towards doubling their Energy/ Resource Productivity.”

Speaking at the occasion, Mr. Umesh Bhutoria, Founder & CEO, Energy Tech Ventures commented, “Digitization has had impacts on many sectors, Energy markets are set to see a significant change in the next decade. EnergyTech Ventures has the capacity to offer world class solutions to help businesses across the globe embrace BigData & IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things). EnergyTech space is going to see amazing traction in times to come, this is a perfect opportunity for an Indian company working in a very niche space and focusing on B2B markets to make a global impact.”

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