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How India’s premier institutes prep future DeepTech entrepreneurs

For India to become a DeepTech destination it is imperative that all the stakeholders invest today in the system. Academia, one of the primary centers for future entrepreneurs, play an important role in prepping students. From courses to research and collaboration with the industry, premier institutes in India have pioneered efforts.

Dr. Varun Dutt, Associate Professor, School of Computing and Electrical Engineering, IIT Mandi talks about the efforts of IITs and NITs in prepping future DeepTech entrepreneurs.

Dr. Dutt is also a part of the Technology Innovation Hub at IIT Mandi and multiple faculty members in this hub are specifically focusing on different aspects of Human-Computer Interaction, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning topics.

Dutt also highlights the challenges to be navigated and opportunities that could lead to groundbreaking DeepTech solutions that could come out of universities. He concludes with aspects to adopt for commercialization of the ideas and the benefits that collaboration with industry could yield.

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