India’s 911 emergency mechanism: A Far Cry!

Have you ever thought, India can also have a common 911 kind of emergency response facility? If yes, then you are an optimist and if no, then you can’t ignore the emerging facts!

Though India has claimed to have emergency numbers like 100-for police, 102- for ambulance and 101 for fire; we all know for the evident fact that they are no where close to 911 emergency response system operating in US and UK and other parts of the world.

However, Indian ICT and software companies do realise the need ands scope of huge development in this regard.[image_library_tag 255/59255, style=”float: right;” alt=”emergencycall” width=”281″ height=”211″ ,default]

IT products companies are coming up with a smart solution that can quickly pool law-enforcing resources in times of emergency. For e.g. MapmyIndia has come up with Mappls SafeWorld to improve time to respond by police and healthcare teams in emergency cases.

The solution imbibes geographical Information Systems and Global Position System, giving the authorities a quick grasp of the geographical location.

Also, the government, though in fragments is also initiating for such emergency response mechanism for citizens.
According to certain media reports, the centre is examining a proposal by the Andhra Pradesh government which has recommended setting up a national emergency response agency like 911,where police is bound by law to reach the citizen within minutes of the call.
The proposed central helpline should be backed up by the professional agencies, adequate funding and dedicated personnel for this work only, the state government has said.

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) is planning to bring a consultation paper in this connection soon to kick-start the process of having a single emergency helpline where a call centre will receive all distress calls and then accordingly alert departments or agencies concerned depending upon the type of emergency.

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