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Indian organizations understand value of data more: Dell

According to Ripu Bajwa, Director & GM – Data Protection Solutions at Dell Technologies, organizations in India understand the value of data more than their global counterparts and are monetizing it. There is an increasing the need to secure and protect the enormous amount of data in a cost-effective and methodical manner. Excerpts from an interview:

DQ: What has been the evolution of the data protection landscape in India?

Ripu Bajwa: With rapid changes in industry dynamics and emergence of newer technologies, India is transforming as a “digital-first” nation. It has become almost obligatory for organizations to adopt technologies like AI, ML, IoT to run their data operations as data has turned out to be the most valuable asset for businesses.

On an average, organizations in India are managing 6.42 PB of data as compared to 2.79 PB in 2016. Organizations in India understand the value of data more than their global counterparts and are monetizing it, hence increasing the need to secure and protect the enormous amount of data in a cost-effective and methodical manner.

DQ: What is the outlook of enterprises and customers towards adopting better data protection solutions?

Ripu Bajwa: In this connected world, data loss can have huge impact and can even cripple businesses. The complexity of managing and protecting data is increasing dramatically as the volume, variety, velocity of data is increasing exponentially, and organizations are facing increased security threats.

In India, the study also revealed that 76% of the respondents experienced a disruption in the past year, and 30% of respondents experienced irreparable data loss. As a result, there was an increase in the number of data protection adopters, which grew to 60% in 2018 as compared to only 12% in 2016. This huge jump in the number of adopters indicates the growing importance of deploying data protection solutions by organizations.

DQ: Can you explain some of Dell Technologies latest data protection advancements made to aid organizations to better manage and protect their data?

Ripu Bajwa: As the IT landscape continues to shift to accommodate the influx of data, there is a need for organizations to revisit their data protection and management strategy shaped by the data being stored in diverse environments. We at Dell Technologies recognized this challenge and made continuous and innovative efforts in order to provide our customers with holistic data protection offerings/solutions, which will help them in reducing risk and protecting their most valuable asset, data.

In fact, we recently made a new addition to the Dell EMC PowerProtect portfolio, the Dell EMC PowerProtect DD Series Appliances. This new solution will offer our customers the ability to simplify and provide operational efficiencies for data protection of multi-cloud workloads.

The new Dell EMC PowerProtect DD services appliances offers:

Faster performance: With up to up to 38% faster backups and up to 36% faster restores of data.
Greater efficiency: Provides up to 1.25PB of usable capacity in a single rack with hardware-assisted compression improving logical capacity by up to 30%, driving up to 65x data reduction.
Scalability to meet future demands: Provides scalability and grow-in place capacity expansion, ranging from 1 terabyte up to 1.25PB.
Data protection for multi-cloud workloads: Provides operational efficiency, resiliency and scalability across on-premises and hybrid cloud environments.
Single pane of glass management: Management of multiple systems, manage capacity and replications, and monitor the health and status of all their appliances on-premises and in the cloud.

We have also released our new Dell EMC PowerProtect Cyber Recovery, which helps in minimizing the impact of cyber security attacks and helps in faster recovery of mission critical systems. With this new solution, our customers will be able to augment their existing data protection architecture with a secure copy of data removed from the surface of attack and will help in providing business operations recovery when it is needed the most.

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