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Indian organizations two days slower in responding to cyber attacks

A survey of over 1900 senior IT professionals reveals that on an average organizations globally take 162 hours to remediate cyber attacks

When fighting cyber criminals, the time-to-response is a critical factor. How fast you can detect an attack and deploy countermeasures can be a big differentiator in your fight against cyber attacks.

Globally, it takes fraud prevention teams an average of 162 hours—approximately seven days—to detect, triage, and investigate a cyber attack. Unfortunately, Indian organizations are laggards in this area, says the latest survey ‘2019 Global Security Attitude Survey’ by CrowdStrike, a US-based cyber security firm. Businesses in India are 60 hours—two and a half days—slower than their counterparts.

Almost all Indian respondents (97 percent) are wary of malicious attacks emanating from unfriendly countries with more than 40 percent most worried about the attacks originating from China, Pakistan, and even from within the country (India), the survey reveals.

The survey aims to assess the attitude of the organizations towards cyber security readiness by analyzing the speed with which they detect, investigate and respond to a threat. It reveals that even globally majority of organizations lack the speed and agility so crucial when it comes to detecting and responding to an intrusion on their business networks or sensitive data. This lack of urgency can prove detrimental to the interests of businesses globally as it can provide attackers with more than enough time to maximize their exploits and escape unchallenged.

To improve their response to cyber threats, the security firm recommends organizations to follow the 1-10-60 metrics which specifies an average time of one minute to detect an intrusion, 10 minutes to investigate and 60 minutes to remediate the problem.

In today’s digital-first world, owing to almost every activity being performed online, businesses are at a higher risk of cyber attacks than they ever were. Today’s digital businesses have volumes of customer data that can prove to be treasure-chest for cyber criminals who can intrude business networks to steal this sensitive data. Therefore, in a security landscape where threats are quickly evolving in scale and sophistication, the success of an organization in fighting these cyber attacks is highly dependent on how fast it can detect and respond to these attacks.

The article has been written by Neetu Katyal, Content and Marketing Consultant

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