Indian mPoS MobiSwipe Goes Global

New Update

OMA Emirates, the financial technology and payment solutions has announces the introduction of MobiSwipe in international markets. Followed by its success and increasing popularity in India, OMA Emirates aims to make MobiSwipe the next best solution after the PoS globally. Currently available only in India, MobiSwipe will now be venturing into the Indian subcontinent, including Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan, South East Asian markets of Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Cambodia, Middle East and the North African regions as well. The introduction of MobiSwipe in these markets is also in line with the company’s global portfolio expansion plans and its vision to increase the use of digital payment options.


MobiSwipe comes along with a pocket sized card reader and allows merchants and businesses to accept credit and debit card payments via a simple mobile application. It provides an innovative, convenient and economical payment option to a wide range of businesses by simply connecting the card reader to the MobiSwipe mobile application. It is compatible with Swipe and Chip cards, and is PCI-DSS and PA-DSS compliant. OMA Emirates will deploy the solution directly in addition to channel partners and banks.

On introducing the mPoS in international markets, Mr. Niranj Sangal, Group CEO, OMA Emirates Group said, “The successful performance of MobiSwipe in India is definitely a catalyst to moving ahead with our plans to market the solution globally. We are confident that the mPoS will add value to businesses in the countries we are launching in.  This comes at a time when cost effectiveness is the core to making business decisions and will enhance the management of our customers’ daily transactions with greater effectiveness.  The inherent security that MobiSwipe provides will be of great value to our customers and is suitable for both large as well as smaller businesses using mobile payment technologies. ”

Sangal further added, “In the first phase of the launch, we are targeting the deployment of around 50,000 terminals across these markets. Simultaneously, we are in the process of developing the mPoS to become compatible for payments made with QR Code, Samsung Pay and Apple Pay. The mPoS is a part of OMA Emirates Mobility series, is simple to use and this development will make it an all-in-one and go-to mPoS solution for any business unit.”

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