Indian hackers take down more than 100 Pakistan based websites in revenge attack

After the official website of the Kerala Government ( was reportedly hacked by Pakistan-based hackers, an Indian hacker group which calls itself the ‘Mallu Cyber Soldiers’ has hit back in a revenge attack by defacing more than 100 Pakistan websites. This includes prominent government based websites such as,,, and

In a message on the Mallu Cyber Solider’s Facebook Fan Page, the hacker group said, “Greetings Pakistan Script Kiddies #OP_PAK_CYBER_SPACE. Payback is not done yet. Around 100+ Pakistan Websites got Defaced By Indian Hackers. This is a payback for hacking United as one Divided by zero !!! Special Thanks to Hell Shield Hackers, Team Hind Hackers,CY83R_P1R4735”

In a message on Pastebin, the group said,  “Indian Hackers havent hacked a single pakistani site after 15th August 2015. But Faisal Afzal hacked .. Dude? We are not sleeping . If you even touch a Indian site, we will crush you up.. .Now feel the heat hacked”

Most of the Pakistan based websites are still down, while the Kerala website is up and running.

The entire list of the hacked Pakistan based websites can be viewed here


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