Indian H1B Visa Holders Fear Deportation as Unemployed Workers Must Leave US within 60 Days

Fear of people being laid off is rising amongst the Indian H1B Visa holders as those who are unemployed have 60 days to find a job or leave the US

Indian H1B Visa holders are facing a tough time in the US due to the rising Coronavirus layoffs that are coming to the fore. What makes matters worse for skilled workers who are either unemployed as of now or may be sacked due to the dwindling economy is the fact that they have just 60 days to find a new job or get deported to their home country. While this was always the rule and is not a new development, in the current scenario it may be difficult for those who are unemployed to find new jobs within the stipulated period of time.

“All of us who are currently employed on H1B Visas are getting mentally prepared that we may lose our jobs, and may have to come back to India as it seems unlikely at the moment that we will get another job within 60 days,” said an Indian IT engineer employed with a reputed company to DataQuest.

There is also an ongoing petition on the White House website requesting the US Government to extend the 60 day grace period to 180 days. The petition says that the US Government must consider extending the grace period as most H1B workers are from India and would not be allowed to travel home with children who are US Citizens as nations across the world have announced an entry ban. The petition, which has about 53,000 signatures as of now, will be taken into consideration only if it reaches 1 lakh signatures.

Apart from Indian H1B Visa holders, those who are on student visas also fear being deported to their home country. Student visa holders who apply for H1B visas to be selected through the lottery system are also at the risk of being sent back as finding employment at the present time seems improbable.

The USCIS selects H1B Visa candidates based on a computer-generated random selection process. When candidates on student visas are offered a job, employers submit the details of the H1B applicants in an online H1B Registration Tool. After the details are submitted a 19 digit number is generated by the system, which is used for internal tracking by the USCIS to run the H1B lottery. Each candidate on student visa gets three chances at the fully electronic H1B lottery system each year. Those who do not get picked for three years will be deported.

“Just last month I had three offers in my hand. As of today, two of those offers have already been withdrawn from the company due to the impact of the Coronavirus on the economy. What must I do should I lose the third offer as well? My visa expires in June, I’m not able to renew that as well,” said a source on a student visa, who does not wish to be named.

Although the situation appears grim as of now, Indian H1B Visa holders remain hopeful of receiving some respite from the Donald Trump government as the H1B community supports the IT industry and are huge contributors to the US economy.

18 responses to “Indian H1B Visa Holders Fear Deportation as Unemployed Workers Must Leave US within 60 Days”

  1. TT says:

    Most of the H1B visa holders will be forced to return as the unemployment rate surpasses that of the great depression.

  2. TT says:

    Most of the will be forced to return as the unemployment rates are historic high.

  3. Zerkos says:

    Very good news

  4. ajay says:

    All Indians going abroad have ultimate aim of getting residency. Nobody goes to help the home country. Most of these individuals are actually children of high and mighty the government gives them preference. Ask any IAS/IPS officer most of the times their children would be in the US.

    Its high time the government focuses on building an ecosystem in India as their is a limit to how many can settle abroad.

  5. Sunny says:

    H1B visa will be deported no doubts as they are the slave in USA . They are abuse at job but still they lick and bend just in order to get green bucks
    American always first and as lots on unemployment is soaring now any USA President will choose citizen first and they will want first they get job
    So Indian pack your bags as time to go home . American dream finished

  6. Wipeout_Anglo says:

    Support Indians. They are smarter than over 95% of the American people. Only the best survive.

  7. Pratik Patil says:

    Good. With unemployment on the rise, visa workers should all be sent back to india. Bye bye.

  8. Rita says:

    Should stop new H1B petitions instead of harassing the one who are already in US with their dependents. If want to change rule then stop the flood of filling new H1B visa every year. Support the one who are already serving here to US government with paying high taxes.

    • SueSue3030 says:

      NO WAY! Deport ALL H-1B visa holders and allow NONE to come into OUR country. Let them work, sacrifice, fight and live in their own country, not OUR COUNTRY!!!

  9. Jerry Francis Kumar says:

    America doesn’t need any of you

  10. Speaker says:

    Ok H1B it’s time now that you .. by American .. Better come back to your mother country and be happy with your family… Understand something you all are always an alian to them not one of them though you have any B,J, L ,green card or twist your toung

    Better let American work in ther home and see what hights they go you come and work in your home country

  11. madhu says:

    What about L1B and L1A visa? The larger offshore companies have 1000’s of people with this visa. Will they give their jobs for H1B worker? It is okay for H1B to get another job, but, how is the US worker protected? There needs to be a way to protect American worker. H1B worker can apply for this job even from India.

  12. jonny says:

    If Mr. Trump believe in his MAGA slogan, he should abolish H4EAD and H1B and send them back to their native country during this historic job crisis.

    • SueSue3030 says:

      End and deport ALL H-1B, H4EAD, DACA and all illegals. They all STEAL from our taxpayers including our disabled who live in pain 24/7.

  13. SueSue3030 says:

    WARNING: Bank of America and Citibank give HOME LOANS to illegals and H-1B holders with LESS documentation required of them than from American citizens! This is aiding and abetting and is criminal. This has been going on since at least Aug 2005 (L.A. Times).

  14. SueSue3030 says:

    Any Americans seeking a job needs to be sure he or she marks his or her self as a “minority” or “multi-ethnic” on job applications or he’ll never get hired. They can’t say he’s not — and companies have quotas to fill for “minorities” with “diversity.” After all, if it’s good enough for Kamala Harris (who calls herself black when she is actually 1/2 Jamaican and 1/2 Indian) and good enough for that other liar Elizabeth Warren, then it’s good enough for all the rest of us! When EVERYONE claims to be a minority then we will have a level playing field!

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