Indian Government Launches Online Training Platform for Frontline COVID-19 Workers

The Indian Government has announced the launch of a digital platform called iGOT, which will provide online training to frontline COVID-19 workers

New Update

While the frontline COVID-19 workers slog day and night to contain the virus and take care of those infected, the Government of India has launched a digital platform to take care of the training needs of the frontline warriors. iGOT has been launched to train more frontline workers should the COVID-19 cases rise in the country.


“iGOT has been launched to equip our frontline COVID warriors with capabilities to fight Coronavirus Pandemic. Happy to announce that iGOT platform leverages Digital Infrastructure Knowledge Sharing platform (DIKSHA)-an application by the HRD Ministry for training teachers and students,” says Dr Ramesh Pokhriyal, Minister of HRD.

The launch of the iGOT training platform has been fast-forwarded using MoHRD DIKSHA as the host. Frontline COVID-19 workers can take the different online training modules being provided on Courses on iGOT have been launched for doctors, nurses, paramedics, hygiene workers, technicians, state government officers, National Cadet Corps (NCC), Police organizations, and so on.

“The trainings on iGOT aim to educate the workforce on COVID-19 helping them to tackle the exponential increase in COVID-19 positive cases in the next few weeks in India,” adds the minister.


How can Frontline COVID-19 Workers take Online Training?

Users will first need to log into the iGOT website and click on view courses. They would then have to register with the website by providing a valid e-mail address or phone number. The registration can be validated by filling the online form and providing the OTP received on their mobile number. Upon registration, the frontline COVID-19 workers can then select their region and role, and then select the course and start learning.

Some of the online courses available are ICU care and ventilation management, clinical management of COVID-19, infection prevention through PPE, COVID-19 training for NCC cadets, Basics of COVID-19, infection prevention and control, laboratory sample collection and testing, and so on. The platform will not work on Internet Explorer, Safari and iOS.