Indian Government to Give Free COVID-19 Vaccines to All Citizens Above 18 Years Old from 21 June: Narendra Modi

Prime minister Narendra Modi has just announced that all Indian citizens above 18 years will receive free COVID-19 vaccines from 21 June

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All Indian citizens will receive free COVID-19 vaccines from 21 June 2021 onwards, the prime minister Narendra Modi has just announced in his address to the nation. The free COVID-19 vaccines will be available to citizens from all walks of life, he said. Those who wish to take the vaccines for a price can continue to do so; however, the price has been capped at Rs 150 by the Government of India.

Furthermore, the prime minister also said that to increase vaccine availability, the process of procuring vaccines from abroad has been sped up. Experts have also expressed concerns about children. In this direction, the trial of two vaccines is underway. He further informed that research is also being conducted for a nasal vaccine in the country.

Also, vaccine supply will further increase in the country in the days to come, and several other vaccines are at various levels of development. The prime minister also requested the youth of the country to help raise awareness about the vaccine, and help demolish the misconceptions with regard to taking COVID-19 vaccinations in the country. The central government henceforth will buy 75% of all vaccines produced from companies and give it to states, free of cost. At present, this was at 50%.