Indian Companies to Adopt a new Approach to Security in Application Economy

In this increasingly competitive application economy, Indian organizations are under pressure to deliver frictionless, positive customer experience, to achieve business growth. Organizations are adopting new approach to security, as it continues to play a catalytic role.

A study by CA Technologies titled “8 Steps to Modernize Security for the Application Economy,” reveals how mobility, APIs and an eye towards growing the business have brought a balanced view of control and enablement to security, leading to an increase in security investment by Indian organizations.

Commenting on the study findings, Sunil Manglore, Managing Director, CA Technologies India said, “Today, security is not about protection alone. Increasing access to web, mobile apps, smart devices and the cloud has created the new ‘open’ enterprise. APIs (application programming interfaces) form the foundation of this new open enterprise, allowing enterprises to reuse their existing information assets across organizational boundaries, thereby creating the security challenge of balancing business enablement with business protection. Businesses are considering to increase investment in security solutions for better productivity and business flexibility.”

Key findings from the study:

·         The impact of mobility: 53% of the respondents believe that mobile apps and devices have a big or significant impact in security practices and policies of employees or customers. As BYOD makes major inroads into the Indian corporate landscape, securing the enterprise is on top of the list.

·         Security in the business: 60% of Indian organizations surveyed believe that security is entirely or mostly about control (protecting data or apps), but the remaining 40% of respondents think security is mostly or entirely about business enablement or a balance enablement and control.

·         Security as top business priority: Increase in data breaches is a key concern amongst Indian enterprises and 54% of Indian organizations stated that protection against data breaches is one of the top security priorities. 35% of respondents place improving the mobile customer experience as a top security priority.
·         Increase in Security Investment: Organizations are realizing that they need to increase investment in security, due to the enablement it offers. Currently IT spending devoted to security in Indian organizations is 20% which is estimated to go up to 28% in the next three years.

·      Increase in productivity: 93% of Indian organizations stated they have seen or expect to see an increase in user productivity and more business flexibility from improved security in their organization.

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