CIO Connect announces new offering CIO Connect for IT leaders

CIO Connect, a new offering from, gives the CIOs, IT Heads and CTOs a chance to register themselves and showcase their expertise, after the launch of IndiaItChannnels and IIC-Snips, has come up with its new offering for CIO’s. The new offering called CIO Connect gives the CIOs, IT Heads and CTOs a chance to register themselves and showcase their expertise amongst other organizations and gain the opportunity to provide advisory or consulting services to these organizations at present or in the future.

“CIO Connect will be a game-changer not only for CIOs but also for SMBs, where both of them connect and help each other to create a whole new ecosystem, said Alok Gupta, managing director, “We are expecting more than 1000 CIO’s/IT heads to be on board within next three months,” he added.

Benefits of joining CIO Connect

  • Through CIO Connect, IT leaders can associate with over 2000 SMBs or Corporates looking for technical expertise for their IT requirements.
  • CIOs can stay abreast with the latest technology through direct interactions with OEMs.
  • They can scout for the best associates for all their organization’s IT requirements from a massive network of more than 7.7K partners spread all over the country.
  • They can be a part of exclusive seminars and webinars with OEMs to stay updated with the latest trends and technologies.

IndiaIt360 has invited CIOs, IT Heads and CTOs to register and become a part of the change. “A new way to associate would provide ease of execution and open up multiple avenues for trade,” says a statement from the company. Those who wish to know more can visit the official website for further information:

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