India will be a very big smart product market: Amitabh Tiwari, Ossify

Compaq has a long-standing reputation for product quality, reliability, and affordability. It firmly believes that everyone should own a computing device that is easy to use and priced affordably.

So, how is Compaq looking at India, especially with smart products? Amitabh Tiwari, CEO, Ossify Industries Pvt Ltd, Compaq, said India is a very big market with a tremendous potential to grow manifold. In the case of consumer durables one can safely say it is a fast evolving market with consumers adapting to latest technologies and brands that understands the diversity of the country and its consumers has a promise here.

Talking about the latest innovations in smart products, he said that in televisions, we already have Android and WebOS in our repertoire. We have just introduced the Google TV here with QLED technology. We are poised to introduce our smartwatches soon. We are also preparing to introduce tabs.

How is Compaq going about with smartwatches, given that the competition is tough? He replied that smartwatches would have features for consumers, but at a price that would be consumers’ delight. Going with our philosophy that the best isn’t the monopoly of few, we have fine products lined up that we expect should be lapped up fast.

And, what about tablets? He noted that the tablets are at a nascent stage. We are studying the consumer behaviour towards the product, before introducing a range in India. He added that they will not be introducing PCs in India, as those are being sold by HP.

Regarding predictions for 2022 for smart products, Tiwari noted that it’s a matter of time that India will be a very big smart product market, not just in electronics but also in appliances.

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