India is ripe for digital technology

Can you explain why India is your specific focus?
We have vested interest in India for R&D capability. I think the consumer
pattern here is quite unique and the people here are totally entertainment
crazy. Companies like us find a very conducive environment in India. India is
ripe for digital technology because the population here is a very young
population. Expansion in India wasnt something that was on our plan chart. It
just happened gradually. But we are extremely satisfied with the way we are
growing here.

What is your market strategy for India?
In India, the market is very segmented. Here, a high-end marketplace
co-exists with a very low-end one. So there is a need to have a rural strategy
and different price points for the rural market. We had to rethink our
strategies for the Indian marketplace.

Sue Taylor, senior vice
president and general manager, APAC, NDS Technologies

Security of content remains a big concern for companies today, especially
in a country like India where security threats are high. How do you as a CAS
player handle these issues?
We have a very strong security procedure in place. We have a no tolerance
policy as far as content security is concerned. We follow the best practices in
the industry. NDS was the first company to deploy algorithm technology, which is
a very high-end technology for security. We are the only company that provides
content encryption at all times. Infact, the number of CAS companies is going
down rather than increasing. Content theft is the major cause for this. But we
make no compromises on our security.

What are the trends that you think will catch up in India?
I think that entry-level things will have a huge impact in India. Also the
global trends like High-Definition will kick off in a big way in the coming
years. India, is right now seeing a movement of information across all devices.
Gradually this movement will head towards one device convergence. Cost is going
to be a big factor there. But we can expect to see mobile, wireless, IPTV, and
other VAS as a part of an overall service offering.

Mehak Chawla

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