India is one of the most strategic markets for AppsFlyer: Sanjay Trisal, Country Manager, India, AppsFlyer

Ruchika Goel
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India is one of the most strategic markets for AppsFlyer: Sanjay Trisal, Country Manager, India, AppsFlyer

What is the current scenario of the mobile advertising industry?

Mobile advertising is still in its formative stages, and without effective and unbiased tracking and measurement tools in place, advertisers are simply flying blind when it comes to their campaigns. Put another way, without an 'unbiased' third-party attribution provider, mobile marketers have no way of knowing which users came from which ad campaigns. The mobile advertising industry will never grow as predicted, unless ad executives are confident that mobile can deliver real RoI. So it’s crucial that companies like ours help them realize and measure the full potential of mobile as a channel. This can only be done with objective, unbiased, third-party measurement tools that help mediate between the ad networks, mobile publishers and other parties.


How and why AppsFlyer fits into mobile advertising space?

AppsFlyer is a mobile marketing attribution and marketing analytics platform. We allow mobile app marketers to take all the data from their mobile advertising and marketing campaigns so they can clearly identify which campaigns brought the best users and which ones underperformed. This allows marketers to optimize their efforts in real-time, and run smarter and more effective campaigns going forward. Essentially, our technology gives marketers the best tools and most accurate insights on how best to increase the value and performance of their mobile marketing efforts.

We don’t have any stakes in the game in terms of wanting any single publisher or advertising source to succeed. We do not offer services to media partners and will not offer paid services to ad networks. Our goal is simply to report on the data and help marketers make sense of it. Unlike others in the market, we remain completely unbiased. At the same time, we sit in the middle of a very large amount of media spend and marketing efforts, so we have lots of great data covering all types of mobile ad campaigns, giving us and our advertising partners a lot of insight into the effectiveness of mobile ads and marketing initiatives. These insights are essential for helping drive the space forward.

Who is the target audience and how will they benefit from AppsFlyer’s platform?

Our target audience is any company that is trying to market a mobile app—from the biggest brands and agencies to the smallest app developers. We work with app marketers across a variety of industries—from gaming and eCommerce to finance and travel—and we work directly with brands as well as with the ad agencies who represent them (in fact we have a solution purpose built for agencies). All of our clients benefit from AppsFlyer’s easy-to-use dashboards that provide an overview of all ad campaigns in a single view, with the power to dig deep into very granular-level data—all delivered in real-time.

How is technology being used for data analytics?

Our patent-pending NativeTrack technology is a highly scalable platform that handles billions of events on a daily basis. At its core is a complex big data algorithm that utilizes a variety of identification methods—like iOS’ IDFA, Google’s advertising ID, referrer ID and fingerprinting—to make real time decisions regarding which media source can be credited with a specific installs. This leads to highly reliable and accurate attribution that is intertwined with a robust analytics layer of post-install events so marketers can pinpoint the best media sources.

What are the long-term plans for India including hiring, investments, etc?

India is one of the most strategic markets for AppsFlyer and we continue to invest in people, product, and services to cater to this market. AppsFlyer in India started its operations from Bengaluru with a strong team of support engineers, AMs, customer success managers, and sales. As we are steadily growing our market share at a decent pace, we continue to grow and expand the team in each of the functions. This year AppsFlyer is hiring people across sales, customer success, support, and marketing. Very soon we will have a pan-India presence with fully functional offices across Delhi and Mumbai to begin with.