India is becoming a hub for process expertise

What is your take on the growth witnessed by the BPO sector?
The BPO segment has grown to the present size in just over a decade; it is
clearly the fastest growing segment in the overall offshore market. Labor
arbitrage has been the key driver but over the past few years, talent, service
quality, productivity, and time to market have become key differentiators. The
traditional notion of what BPO could deliver is gradually giving way to a
transformation-driven outlook and these changes present significant
opportunities for the Indian BPO sector.

Would domain expertise be the key?
Absolutely. And providing domain expertise requires investments in people
and investments in R&D. Most of all it requires process expertise. Domain
expertise is ultimately what customers want today. I really believe that India
is becoming a hub for process expertise.

Under a turbulent economic scenario, how do you foresee the future of this
The future according to me looks terrific. More and more companies are
enquiring about India. And as they come to India, they are interested in
building captives, to build rich operations for small, as well as large
companies. I believe a lot of us would do well, as long as we believe in
delivering quality services. Yes, there would be hiccups but we dont need to be

Jainder Singh, secretary, DIT, Ministry of Communications and IT had
mentioned the challenges and issues, which the sector is facing. What is
Nasscoms take on the participation of the government to take IT and BPO domain
to the next level?
I was delighted to hear him talk about the issues that we face; and to grow
to a size, which is about four times of the current size is quite challenging.
To sustain such growth, it is important and we are more than ready to work with
the government to provide education and training. We are exploring not just the
tier-2 but the tier-3 and tier-4 towns as well. There are enough people in India
but skills are what we lack. The investment that we can make in education,
training, as well as in infrastructure would provide growth but we need to this
very fast.

Prasad Ramasubramanian /CyberMedia News

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