India has become our second largest market

DQI Bureau
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Can you explain about NComputings partnership with

MKCL and other state governmental bodies in spreading IT education across India?

About our partnership with MKCL, we have installed about 10,000 thin client

systems, and computerized 1,000 learning centers across Maharashtra. It is

helping MKCL in spreading IT literacy among the masses in rural areas of the

state at a very low cost. Also, we will computerize additional 5,000 learning

centers in the next two years.


Also, we have worked with the Andhra Pradesh government,

where about 1.4 mn students were provided access to computers with our

technology and devices. In addition, fourteen other states within India have

partnered with us to provide low-cost efficient computing devices and


Our technology has reduced the cost per user by 75% and

the operating system cost by 90%, which has just resulted in a tremendous

expansion of our business in the country.

How NComputings technology helps reduce the cost in a

country like India, which faces shortage of infrastructure, resources, and


At the heart of this technology is the fact that Intels CPUs are very

powerful and capable. Each year they double their powering capability, which

means that they are ten years ahead of our ability to use all of that power.


So NComputings technology says that we take that extra

power to very low-cost work stations, which costs 30% of a PC, and allows thirty

to hundred users to share one PC. This results in huge cost reductions and a

huge increase in the number of work stations that can be deployed.

How is NComputings business doing in India?

Because of the tremendous growth of our business in India and the

investments within its educational infrastructure, India has become our second

largest market within the last two years.


And we predict that within the next two years, it will

actually become larger than the US because of its tremendous economic growth.

This technology allows businessesfrom giant enterprises down to small village

levelto get the benefit of technology, thus it allows them to grow even faster.

What are your business expansion plans in India for the

next few years?

Through 2010, we intend to more than double our staff in India to address

more markets and create more dealers. And also by 2011, we intend to manufacture

our access devices and products within India to create more local value-added

content within our technology.

Pankaj Maru/CIOL