Why include commercial security in overall security strategy?

Strengthening cyber security without paying attention to commercial security systems can prove to be costly

The meteoric rise in cyber threats is making businesses increasingly vulnerable. Although, while security providers are leveraging technology to create solutions that can help fortify the security posture and cyber security has become a boardroom agenda, a holistic cyber security strategy is often found missing.

In today’s landscape, strengthening cyber security without paying attention to commercial security systems can prove costly. For instance, it is imperative to prevent unauthorized people from entering the office premises lest it put business assets and employees at risk. Similarly, fire safety mechanisms cannot be neglected because even a small lapse here can cause massive losses.

As part of a comprehensive security strategy, organizations must adopt a holistic approach that ensures a 360-degree security. Organizations can opt for commercial security systems to bolster the physical security of the premises. Not only do commercial security systems such as surveillance cameras and alarm systems act as deterrent for miscreants, it also enables organizations to save lives and monitor their own workforce to minimize internal threats.

Innovations in commercial security space have led to introduction of automated security solutions including safety phones, biometric-based access control devices, and automatic door bells. Further, advancements in technology are powering the evolution of commercial security systems. They can be integrated with analytical software such that businesses can gain insights and make informed security decisions.

The article has been written by Neetu Katyal, Content and Marketing Consultant

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