In the near future, data will be the anchor point for seeking talent efficiently: Pulkit Jain, Cast India

The use of a digital casting solution allows talent to showcase their abilities while also assisting casting people in finding new talent. Cast India serves as a platform for both emerging and established artists, launching them to become India’s Finest someday.

Now is the time when the digital revolution allows digital artists to sell their work in the same way that an artist using paints and canvas would, making the art world a lot more equitable. Such platform will encourage artistic approach.

In this conversation with Pulkit Jain, CTO of the company, explains about their company.

DQ- What does Cast India exactly do?

Pulkit Jain- It is a platform that aims to propel creative passion in society while having professionals and enthusiasts collaborate on the projects. We work by the principle “We stand by you to help you ‘stand out’ ”. Keeping this in mind we are an ecosystem that helps aspirants and employers connect and collaborate over opportunities of different industries and scales. 

Cast India is industry specific. It meets the needs of five major industries; Film and Television, Media, Advertising, Events and Public Relations. These industries are interrelated and rely on each other to move forward. The platform aims to bridge the gap between the industries by creating a network in the creative community. It behaves as a Single Platform where one can Get, Give, Execute and Deliver jobs or projects in preferred geographical areas. 

DQ- How Cast India is reimagining the Media and Entertainment workspace with its creative collaboration platform?

Pulkit Jain- The media and entertainment industry is very vast. The best actors have seen the best days but also experience unemployment for months or years at a stretch. In the case of junior artists and technicians, they earn a good pay per month when employed, but they too at times are out of work for 6 months or even a year. 

Keeping these scenarios in mind, there are lakhs of individuals in the country who aspire to rise and shine in the media and entertainment industry. Some crack it, others resort to odd jobs for survival. Their dream subsides. Cast India behaves like an Organised Work System which will help the community to evolve and be actively re-employable. Aspirants with more than one skill set can receive opportunities and avoid being unemployed for months or years at a stretch. 

DQ- How does leveraging technology help creative people connect, converse and collaborate? 

Pulkit Jain- The M & E sector is driven by a human connection termed as “network” and we don’t want users to get devoid of it. Hence the platform ecosystem is our long term goal which would create value by building connections and personalised collaborations. Human roles which now seem to be shadowed by digitization will be revived by our “be an enabler” approach to the problems.

Diverse job opportunities demand upskilling and reskilling of the existing workforce. Though futuristic, training in the O2O(Online to Offline) model will be an integral part of the ecosystem. It will pave the way for a cycle of continuous innovation and reemployment.

This will create a win-win ratio of both, aspirants who wish to “get hired” and employers who seek to “rehire”. 

DQ- How can it solve the problem of employment security in the Media and entertainment domain using data-driven techniques? 

Pulkit Jain- The job security issue is being tackled at priority by making its users recurrently employable through emphasising on the competencies and active collaboration with employers. 

Cast India provides users with an option of adding more competencies in their profiles with relevant project details. This in turn helps employers be aware of the varied experience an aspirant has, making brighter chances of him becoming employed. People should create relevant career data and data will help them drive their career growth.

This calls for a lot of human efforts digitised and broadcast. In the near future, data will be the anchor point for seeking talent efficiently. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will play a significant role in this aspect. 

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