For IT to succeed, it is important to mesh and align the IT strategy with business goals- Anant Gijare CIO, Adani Renewables

In an interaction with Dataquest, Anant Gijare, CIO, Adani Renewables talks about how disruptive technologies are shaping IT enterprise.

He says, ” For IT to succeed, it is important to mesh and align the IT strategy with business goals. In erstwhile years, IT industry witnessed numerous technology disruptions like IoT due to which CIO challenges have only increased. Selection of right technologies for integration of business processes, operations technologies and its successful implementation is one of the key challenges. In addition, making the availability of business critical information on smart phones was one of the major focus areas for us in 2016.”


According to him, the organizations are having tonnes of data, both on-premise and on cloud. Going forward, the major focus of the company will be on implementing advanced analytical tools for the purpose of predictions, trends and what-if analysis with the blend of business and market information. Due to competitive market scenarios, this analysis shall be made available on smart phones for quick decisions.

He believes that every individual in the organization is working very hard to achieve the goals. But at the same time, one has to ensure the physical and mental fitness. By end-of-the day health is the only wealth. This year he will equally focus on his health by attending health club and doing Pranayam on a regular basis.

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