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IIT Tirupati Invites Applications for Free Online Course on Quantum Optics

IIT Tirupati has offered a free online course, consisting of both tutorials and assignments, on introduction to quantum optics from 19 to 30 July

IIT Tirupati has invited applications from interested students and professionals for a free online course called introduction to quantum optics. Quantum optics is the study of how individual quanta of light, known as photons, interact with atoms and molecules.The course will be conducted from 19 to 23 July, and 26 to 30 July from 10 to 11 am every day. The course will be conducted by Sonjoy Majumder who is a professor at IIT Kharagpur.

In addition to the regular lectures, the course will consist of four assignments and four tutorial sessions. Solutions to assignments will be discussed during tutorial sessions. The course will be most suited for students pursuing their BSc, MSc, BS MS, or PhD. Those who have queries regarding the free online course by IIT Tirupati may contact authorities at camost@labs.iisertirupati.ac.in or http://www.iisertirupati.ac.in/camost/.

What the IIT Tirupati Free Online Course on Quantum Optics Will Cover?

Participants of the course will be taught the following topics as part of the curriculum:

  • Introduction to Quantum Optics (Brief Discussion on History & Achievements, Scope), Quantization of Light.
  • Quantum Coherent State and its Applications.
  • Displacement Operator and Quantum Beam Splitter.
  • Squeezed State and its Applications.
  • Photon Statistics 6. Intensity Interferometer and Correlation Function Measurement.
  • Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics (Cavity QED).
  • Two-Photon Excitation and its Application in Optical Pumping.
  • Brief Discussion on Laser Cooling and Trapping.
  • Bose-Einstein Condensation.

How to Enroll for IIT Tirupati Free Online Course on Quantum Optics?

Interested participants can enroll for the IIT Tirupati free online course by filling up a dedicated Google form. Registration is free, but mandatory. Detailed schedule and virtual classroom link will be shared with the registered participants. Those who wish to know more are advised to go through the official brochure for more information.

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