IIT Roorkee Offers Advanced Certification in Cloud Computing

IIT Roorkee iHUB DivyaSampark and Intellipaat have collaborated to offer an Advanced Certification in Cloud Computing.

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IIT Roorkee

IIT Roorkee

Cloud computing stands at the forefront of a rapidly evolving technological landscape. And, recognizing the need for skilled professionals in this domain, iHUB DivyaSampark and Intellipaat have collaborated to offer an Advanced Certification in Cloud Computing. The program is designed by experienced IIT faculty and industry experts and promises a comprehensive learning experience.


The program is being offered in collaboration with IBM. Participants are expected to gain industry-recognized IBM certification and Azure certification from Microsoft.

What are the benefits of joining the IIT Roorkee Cloud Computing program?

The program offers the involvement of IIT faculty and industry experts ensuring that participants receive high-end cloud computing skills in areas such as AWS, DevOps, Elastic Compute, Data Visualization, DevSecOps, Azure, Linux, and Python.


Participants will get a unique opportunity of a 2-day campus immersion at IIT Roorkee as a part of the program. With over 25 industry projects and case studies, the program ensures that participants gain hands-on experience with essential tools sought by top employers.

Upon course completion, participants will receive a certificate from IHUB DivyaSampark, and IIT Roorkee, and includes benefits from industry giants like IBM.

What are the topics covered under the IIT Roorkee Cloud Computing program?


The curriculum of this cloud computing program is designed to cover essential topics that include Linux, Amazon Web Services, DevOps, Cloud Migration, Data Virtualization, AWS DevOps, Python, and Microsoft Azure. The program ensures to provide a holistic understanding of cloud computing with its 140 hours of live sessions and 168 hours of self-paced learning.

The curriculum of the program includes

  • Module 1: Preparatory Sessions-Linux
  • Module 2: Amazon Web Services
  • Module 3: DevOps
  • Module 4: Cloud Migration
  • Module 5: Data Virtualization
  • Module 6: AWS DevOps

(Elective Modules)

  • Module 7: Python
  • Module 8: Microsoft Azure
  • Module 9: Microsoft Azure 305
  • Module 10: Azure Data Factory
  • Module 11: AWS Big Data

Who can apply for the program?


This program is suitable for individuals with a graduate degree and a keen interest in DevOps and cloud computing, IT professionals looking to shift their careers, and undergraduate freshers with an interest in these domains.

Checklist for IIT Roorkee Cloud Computing program

  • Program induction: 3rd February 2024
  • Application deadline: 3rd February 2024
  • Admission fee: INR 90,003/-
  • Program duration: 6 Months


As the cloud computing industry continues to grow the demand for skilled professionals is reaching new heights. The Advanced Certification in Cloud Computing by iHUB DivyaSampark, IIT Roorkee, and Intellipaat not only addresses this demand but also ensures that participants are well-equipped to excel in their cloud computing journey.