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IIT Patna Invites Applications for Free Online Course on Big Data: Here’s How to Enroll

IIT Patna is offering a free online course on big data computing for interested students and professionals on NPTEL that can be completed in 8 weeks

IIT Patna has invited applications for a free online course on big data computing, that can be taken by students and professionals with prior knowledge of data structure and algorithms, computer architecture, operating system, and database management systems. The course is suitable for all undergraduate and postgraduate students and practicing engineers or scientists from diverse fields and interested in learning about the novel cutting edge techniques and applications of big data computing.

The course will be conducted by Dr. Rajiv Misra who is currently working in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology Patna India. He obtained his PhD degree from IIT Kharagpur,  MTech degree in computer science and engineering from IIT Bombay, and Bachelor’s of engineering degree in computer science from MNIT Allahabad. The professor has also taught online courses on cloud computing, advanced graph theory and distributed systems on NPTEL.

What the IIT Patna Online Course on Big Data Will Cover

The free big data online course will provide an introduction to some of the most common frameworks such as Apache Spark, Hadoop, MapReduce, large scale data storage technologies such as in-memory key/value storage systems, NoSQL distributed databases, Apache Cassandra, HBase and big data streaming platforms such as Apache Spark Streaming, Apache Kafka streams. Some of the topics that will be covered are as follows:

  • Introduction to big data.
  • Introduction to enabling technologies for big data.
  • Introduction to big data platforms.
  • Introduction to big data storage platforms for large scale data storage.
  • Introduction to big data streaming platforms for fast data.
  • Introduction to big data applications (machine learning).
  • Introduction of big data machine learning with Spark.
  • Introduction to big data applications (graph processing).

How To Enroll for IIT Patna Online Course on Big Data?

Participants can sign-up with their Microsoft, Facebook or Google accounts or create a SWAYAM account by entering the following details:

  • Username.
  • Password.
  • Email address.

Candidates will then have to verify their email address through the verification code that will be sent to their email address. The last date to enroll for the course is 23 August 2021, and the course will be conducted from 23 August to 15 October 2021. Those who wish to receive a certificate from IIT Patna and NPTEL can take an examination on 24 October 2021 by paying Rs 1000. Those who wish to enroll are advised to go through the official website for more information.


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