IIT Madras Sets Up New Campus in Tanzania, Classes to Commence in October

It will be the first IIT campus in Africa and classes are to start from October, said IIT Madras director V Kamakoti

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IIT Madras

IIT Madras, one of India's premier technical institutes, is set to establish its first international campus in Tanzania, marking a significant milestone for both the institute and the African continent. The announcement was made by the Director of IIT Madras, V Kamakoti, during the institute's 64th Institute Day celebrations.


The new campus, situated in Zanzibar, Tanzania, is scheduled to commence classes in October 2023, offering a range of technical and engineering programs. This initiative aims to contribute to the growth and development not only of Tanzania but also of Africa as a whole. The establishment of the first IIT in Africa reflects India's commitment to fostering educational collaboration and knowledge exchange with the continent.

The decision to set up the international campus follows a visit by a delegation of five professors from IIT Madras to Tanzania in February. During their visit, the delegation engaged in discussions with various officials and stakeholders to lay the groundwork for the campus's establishment.

Binaya Pradha, the High Commissioner of India to Tanzania, expressed his enthusiasm for this collaboration in a tweet during the delegation's visit, stating, "This would be the first IIT to be set up in Africa and can be instrumental in growth and nation-building of not only Tanzania but of the continent."


The announcement of the new campus was made in the presence of Sridhar Vembu, the Founder of Zoho Corporation, who served as the chief guest at the event. Vembu, an alumnus of IIT Madras, graduated with a BTech in Electrical Engineering in 1989. He is regarded as a distinguished alumnus and a successful entrepreneur, having built Zoho Corporation into a billion-dollar company. His presence at the event highlighted the importance of innovation, self-sufficiency, and entrepreneurship in shaping the future of India.

During his address, Director V Kamakoti emphasized the need for India to become self-sufficient and innovative, citing Vembu's success story as an inspiration for future generations. Kamakoti highlighted IIT Madras' commitment to nurturing students' entrepreneurial skills, enabling them to become employers rather than employees. The institute aims to provide a conducive environment for students to transform their ideas into viable start-ups and potentially even unicorns.

Sridhar Vembu, in his speech, shared valuable insights from his entrepreneurial journey, emphasizing the significance of sales and persuasion in business. He urged aspiring engineers to develop strong selling skills, as the ability to convince others to invest is crucial for success in the business world. Vembu emphasized that engineering skills alone are insufficient without the ability to sell and encouraged students to acquire this essential skill set.

The establishment of IIT Madras' first international campus in Tanzania represents a significant step toward strengthening educational ties between India and Africa. The campus will not only provide quality technical education but also promote cross-cultural exchange and collaboration. As the October inauguration approaches, anticipation is growing among students, faculty, and officials for the commencement of classes at this pioneering institution on African soil.