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IIT Madras to Offer Data Science Courses at Rs 1000 for Students: All You Need to Know

IIT Madras is offering online data science courses at Rs 1000 for students and Rs 5000 for professionals through its PadhAI initiative

IIT Madras, in a bid to educate young students in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other new-age technologies, has launched a new PadhAI initiative wherein data science courses will be offered at prices as low as Rs 1000 through its incubated start-up OneFourth Labs. PadhAI is offering a set of 3 courses over 15 months covering from the basics of Python to the advances of cutting-edge deep learning at affordable prices.

The courses can be taken by students, professionals and faculty members who wish to learn about the basics of artificial intelligence. The courses will be conducted by Mitesh Khapra and Pratyush Kumar who are Assistant Professors at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at IIT Madras. They have both industry and academic experience in working with deep learning and related areas.

How Will the IIT Madras Data Science Course be Conducted?

The courses will be conducted online and students only need access to a computer with high-speed internet. Videos, quizzes and programming assignments will be uploaded into a portal accessible to all registered users of PadhAI portal. A commitment time of 5 to 6 hours, including 2 to 3 hours of lecture per week, is required from the students’ end.

For the data science course, familiarity with programming in some high-level language is required (C/C++, Python, Java). Basic 12th standard Mathematics is expected. For the other courses, the previous courses need to be completed. A certificate will be provided by the IIT Madras incubated OneFourth Labs  upon successful completion.

Top performers from the course may also be invited to an artificial intelligence residency program at the IIT Madras Research Park during summer, with an opportunity to help in research and development for artificial intelligence solutions.

When does the IIT Madras Data Science Course Begin?

The PadhAI One Series, which is on the foundations of data science, begins on 1 February 2020 and will be conducted for a duration of 4 months. The machine learning and deep learning courses will be conducted post that in the months of July and December, respectively.

Students enrolled in schools or colleges and faculty members with a valid ID card showing their current affiliation can apply for the course, which would cost them Rs 1000 plus 18 percent GST. Working professionals and others who are looking to up-skill can also apply for the course at Rs 5000 plus 18 percent GST. For more information log on to PadhAI.OneFourthLabs.In


    • Sameer

      The startup has been incubated by IIT Madras, classes will be taken by IIT faculty, selected few will even get to attend AI residency program at IIT Madras. Then how is the title misleading?

  1. Priya jaiswal

    Hello. At present I haven’t job., but I am not a student. Then what we fill at current company name and collage name in your portal site at registration time.?

  2. Shriram

    I’m looking to learn to upgrade my skills.
    But I don’t have much knowledge about C/Python etc.. so still will I eligible to take this course???

  3. Rakesh

    Hi I’m a dentist with very less knowledge on this. But I’m interested in knowing about this. Am I eligible to join and learn!? Please guide.

  4. Prakash pal

    I just visited to website
    I am student so they should provide me discount as they mentioned above but still it ₹5900.00/- and their no option for me to upload my college ID CARD can someone please help me out with this. I am currently pursuing masters in information technology and i have already done Bsc computer science from my college affiliated with Mumbai University

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