IIT Madras Launches Job Oriented Online Course on Business Accounting Process: All You Need to Know

IIT Madras has launched a new job oriented online certificate course on Business Accounting Process to upskill students and professionals

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IIT Madras, through its Digital Skills Academy, has launched a new job-oriented online certificate course on business accounting process for executive and certified professionals in transactional finance and accounting. The course, IIT Madras says, is completely online, interactive, and job-oriented.


The course is most suitable for students and professionals looking to upskill in finance and accounting, and wish to have a career in the same field. The course is available through the year and interested candidates can enroll at any point in time,” says IIT Madras.

What the IIT Madras Course on Business Accounting Process will Cover?

The course, being offered by Artha Vidya, focuses on the processes related to accounts receivable an accounts payable or recording and reporting of transactions. Some of the aspects that will be covered over a period of 8 weeks and 54 hours of online learning are as follows:

  • Virtual office to give practical experience to students and professionals on accounts and financing.
  • Knowledge of the corporate accounting process will be provided.
  • Basic knowledge of taxation will be imparted.
  • students will be taught on how to face interviews confidently.
  • Modules that will be covered are managing  work to meet requirements, work effectively with colleagues, deal with queries at the accounts payable helpdesk, receive payments and apply cash, and process invoices, credit notes and claims to name a few.

The course, costing Rs 9558, will be conducted by Ganapathy Nagarajan from Artha Vidhya, and students will receive a certificate of completion from IIT Madras. Those who wish to know more about the online course are advised to go through the official website for more information.