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IIT Madras Invites Applications for Free Online Course on Artificial Intelligence

IIT Madras is offering a free online course on artificial intelligence with regard to constraint satisfaction problems that can be completed in 8 weeks

IIT Madras has announced an 8-week free online course on artificial intelligence that can be taken up by interested students and professionals. The course, which is being offered on the SWAYAM NPTEL platform, will be conducted from 23 January to 17 March 2023. Those who wish to obtain certificates will have to pay Rs 1000, and take an examination to be conducted on 26 March 2023. 

The course will be conducted by Deepak Khemani who is a professor at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Madras. The professor aims at building articulate problem solving systems using artificial intelligence that can interact with human beings. His research interests, according to the NPTEL website, are memory based reasoning, knowledge representation and reasoning, planning and constraint satisfaction, qualitative reasoning and natural language processing.

What the IIT Madras Free Online Course on Artificial Intelligence Will Cover?

The course basically aims at educating the participants on the general approaches to solving finite domain constraint satisfaction problems and explore how search can be combined with constraint propagation to find solutions. A list of topics that will be covered as part of the course are as follows:

  • Constraint satisfaction problems, and its examples.
  • Constraint networks, equivalent and projection networks.
  • Constraint propagation, arc consistency, path consistency, and i-consistency.
  • Directional consistency and graph ordering, backtrack free search, and adaptive consistency.
  • Search methods for solving CSPs, lookahead methods, dynamic variable and value ordering.
  • Lookback methods, Gaschnig’s backjumping, graph based backjumping, and conflict directed back jumping. 
  • Model based systems, model based diagnosis, truth maintenance systems, and planning as CSP.

Who Can Take the IIT Madras Free Online Course on Artificial Intelligence?

The course can be taken up by undergraduate and postgraduate students who are pursuing their degrees in the following streams: 

  • Computer science engineering.
  • Artificial intelligence.

Interested professionals may also enrol for the course. Furthermore, two other free online course on artificial intelligence called “Artificial Intelligence: Search Methods for Problem Solving” and “Artificial Intelligence: Knowledge Representation and Reasoning” are also being offered by IIT Madras on the same platform. Those who wish to take the course are advised to visit the official website for further information.

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