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IIT Madras Conducts Online Training Program on Rural Technologies

IIT Madras is currently conducting an online training program on Rural Technologies in association with African-Asian Rural Development Organization

IIT Madras in partnership with the African-Asian Rural Development Organization is conducting a ten day online training program on technologies for rural areas and their livelihoods (farm and non-farm) with a focus on creating access to value chains and markets. The event is being organised by Team SIDDHI of the Indian Institute of Technology Madras, which focuses on social relevance and global impact.

The online training program will be conducted from 22 March to 1 April 2021, and select technologies, solutions and approaches developed by IIT Madras along with its partner institutions would be showcased during the program. The online course would be most beneficial for middle and senior-level executives from government departments, ministries, and agriculture engineers and scientists engaged in policy formulation, implementation, planning and appraisals.

What the IIT Madras Online Training Program on Rural Technologies Will Cover

The training program, which can be watched live on the IIT SIDDHI YouTube channel, will cover the following topics:

  • Innovative technology for sustainable food production (post-harvest technology) – value addition.
  • Technologies enhancing the productivity of small farmers.
  • Technologies facilitating access to value chains and markets
  • Technologies supporting financial inclusion.
  • Policies and initiatives that are conducive to the development and transfer of technologies from lab to farm.
  • Technologies facilitating collectivization, bulk purchase of inputs and traceability.
  • Intellectual property right (IPR) and technology transfer.
  • Developing institutions for rural technologies.

Main Objectives of the IIT Madras Online Training Program on Rural Technologies

The institute aims at achieving the following objectives through the online training program:

  • To provide a forum for sharing innovative affordable technologies among AARDO member countries.
  • To develop framework and policies for transfer of rural technologies.
  • To use innovative affordable rural technologies for raising the living standard of rural people.
  • To create awareness towards replacing traditional/ obsolete technologies with environmentally friendly and climate-resilient technologies.

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