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IIT Kharagpur and TCS Jointly Develop New Industry 4.0 Solution

IIT Kharagpur and TCS have developed a novel Industry 4.0 technology for realtime monitoring and remotely controlled welding operations

IIT Kharagpur and TCS have jointly developed a novel Industry 4.0 technology for remotely controlled factory operations and real-time quality correction during industrial production in a bid to deliver quality output at low costs. Through this innovation, IIT Kharagpur aims to stimulate innovation in advanced manufacturing to boost capital goods sector.

The innovation was undertaken at the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur’s centre of excellence in Advanced Manufacturing Technology set with support from the Department of Heavy Industry, Government of India along with an industry consortium.

“This has set the course for remotely controlled operations in the Indian industrial sector along with real-time quality check and correction during the production process thus achieving standardized production quality goals, reducing batch rejections and lowering costs,” says a tweet from the institute.

The technology has been developed by Prof Surjya K Pal, professor in-charge at the Centre of Excellence in Advanced Manufacturing Technology in association with TCS. The solution will acquire real-time information about the welding process through multiple sensors and enable online control of weld quality by means of cloud-based communication with the friction stir welding machine.

The concept of this technology can further be evolved for real-time control of other industrial processes and such work will be carried at the Centre with other industrial partners soon, said Prof Pal. The Centre of Excellence in Advanced Manufacturing Technology was set up through the support of the Department of Heavy Industry of the Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises, Government of India, along with a consortium of top six industry members with the aim to stimulate the innovation in advanced manufacturing for boosting the capital goods sector. Tata Consultancy Services is a key industry partner at the Centre, says the official The KGP Chronicle page.

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