IIT Kharagpur Students Outperform Expectations with Over 700 Offers Exceeding Rs 1 Crore

At IIT Kharagpur, corporations conduct interviews in a hybrid style, with a significant proportion also engaging in physical presence

Preeti Anand
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IIT Kharagpur

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur has witnessed a remarkable milestone in its placement season, with students securing over 700 placement offers with annual compensation packages exceeding Rs 1 crore. This achievement highlights the institution's reputation for academic excellence and the strong demand for its graduates in the industry. On the first day of the placement drive, students received over 19 international offers, with some receiving more than Rs 1 crore CTC (cost to company).


'More than 61 companies offered various roles to our students, primarily in the profile of software, analytics, finance-banking, consulting, and core engineering,' said the statement on Saturday. 'Pre-placement offers from Apple, Arthur D Little, Da Vinci, Capital One, DE Shaw, EXL Services, Glean, Google, Graviton, Microsoft, Mckinsey, Quantbox, Databricks, Square point, TSM, Palo Alto, and many more.

Interviews Are Being Conducted In a Hybrid Format at IIT Kharagpur

According to IIT Kharagpur, corporations conduct interviews in a hybrid style, with a significant proportion also engaging in physical presence. This year marks the first "Academia Industry Conclave (AIC) 2023" hosted by the Career Development Centre. The primary goal is to encourage collaboration and to bridge the gap between academia and industry.


"Most important businesses have already visited the campus for internship in August 2023 and have registered their presence for this placement season," According to IIT Kharagpur Director Professor V K Tewari. In response to global economic concerns, Tewari stated that, despite the current slow pace of the placement season, IIT Kharagpur has received over 700 offers on the first day of the drive.

The placement season commenced on 1 December 2023, attracting a diverse range of companies seeking to recruit the institute's talented students. The overwhelming response from the industry reflects the high regard in which IIT Kharagpur graduates are held and their ability to make significant contributions to various sectors.

A notable aspect of this year's placement season is the significant increase in offers with lucrative compensation packages. Over 700 students have received offers exceeding Rs 1 crore, demonstrating top-tier companies' recognition of their skills and potential.


IIT Kharagpur's placement accomplishments are a testament to its commitment to providing quality education and preparing its graduates for successful careers. The institute's continued focus on academic excellence, research, and industry collaboration will undoubtedly lead to even more extraordinary achievements in the future.