IIT Kharagpur Launches Telemedicine System iMediX for Corona Care: All You Need to Know

IIT Kharagpur has launched a telemedicine system called iMediX to provide patients with medical assistance from the comfort of their homes

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IIT Kharagpur researchers have launched a telemedicine system ‘iMediX’ to help patients receive assistance from doctors without having to go to hospitals or clinics. The system has been conceptualized and designed by researchers at IIT Kharagpur’s Department of Computer Science and Engineering. The technology basically integrates homecare with healthcare services from the hospital.


How the IIT Kharagpur Telemedicine System Works

The system basically helps patients in need receive remote consultation with physicians from their residence. iMediX can be accessed by any standard internet browser and also from tablets, mobiles and laptops. The following steps need to be taken by those who wish to receive remote consultation with a doctor through iMediX:

  • The patient first needs to sign-up by using their email address and mobile number.
  • The request for a consultation then needs to be made by choosing a Department of the hospital.
  • The primary medical concerns must be entered, and any supporting medical documents that may be needed must be scanned and uploaded.
  • The hospital administration then processes the request and assigns a doctor.
  • The doctor then sets a date and time for the patient.
  • The schedule is communicated to the patient through iMediX via e-mail and SMS.
  • The patient can consult the doctor on the day of the appointment through video conferencing.
  • The doctor will write a prescription for the patient, which will be sent by e-mail and may also be downloaded by the patient through the platform.

The software was launched on 2 October 2020 on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti and will be integrated at the Dr. BC Roy Technology Hospital of the Institute which provides emergency healthcare services for the campus residents and employees, says IIT Kharagpur.