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IIT Kharagpur Launches Online Course on Application of Digital Technologies in Agriculture

IIT Kharagpur launches ICAR India sponsored online course on Application of Digital Technologies in Agriculture to train researchers

IIT Kharagpur has announced the launch of an online course called “Application of Digital Technologies in Agriculture” to train researchers to use smart technologies in India’s agricultural practices. The course aims to train learners on the use of modern technologies such as artificial intelligence, drones, machine vision techniques, computer aided design, and sensors in agriculture.

The online course has been sponsored by NAHEP-CAAST, Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi. The short-term course will be conducted by the Department of Agricultural and Food Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur.

“It is crucial to empower the human resources with digital technologies in the field of agricultural science and technology, particularly in less-explored domains. The penetration of such knowledge will drive further R&D and create a culture to understand and expedite the adoption of advanced technologies in agricultural practices,” said Professor Rajendra Machavaram, joint Principal Investigator of NAHEP-CAAST-IIT Kharagpur.

The NAHEP centre, according to IIT Kharagpur, is integrated by three interdisciplinary research divisions such as Agribots, Agri-Drones and Agri-AGV’s based on four portfolios namely:

  • Climate-based Digital Knowledge Support Centre,
  • Seed/Seedling Processing and Nursery Automation Centre,
  • Smart Portable Machinery Centre,
  • Food Processing Automation Centre. It envisages the enhancement of quality and relevance of agricultural higher education to the agricultural university students.

The current course will pilot with the postgraduate and doctoral students, faculty members, and scientists from the Vasantarao Marathwada Krishi Vidyapeeth, Maharashtra, said a statement from IIT Kharagpur.

3 responses to “IIT Kharagpur Launches Online Course on Application of Digital Technologies in Agriculture”

  1. Mullapudi Ram Prasad says:

    It is one of the best opportunity

  2. Anil kothale says:

    If farmer’s allowed to participate in this course , it will more worthy.

  3. Munikrishne Gowda. says:

    1.Soil and water conservation works should also be incorporated. 2.Eco Agro.forestry,with integrated farming activities in baren land’s is also primary things to be implemented. 3. No man’s land method can be adopted,in and around of each survey no of farmer’s tilling land’s. I can give my ideas and dreams of no dead ends can be implemented throughout planet.

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