IIT Kharagpur Launches DEEKSHAK Platform for Organizations to Conduct Online Classes

IIT Kharagpur has announced the launch of DEEKSHAK platform that overcomes bandwidth efficiency through one way communication

IIT Kharagpur has developed an e-classroom software called “DEEKSHAK” for organizations to conduct online classes. Researchers at IIT Kharagpur have come up with this software as users are frequently experiencing challenges and more importantly, the operational requirements of an electronic classroom, said a statement from the institute. Prof. Raja Datta, Department of Electronics and Electrical Communication, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur with his postgraduate students developed the software, the current version of which can be used within a campus LAN.

The DEEKSHAK platform by IIT Kharagpur utilizes one-way communication for bandwidth efficiency. Therefore, instead of all students participating in a class as in meeting software, the focus is only on the teacher and the learning materials. DEEKSHAK is a low bandwidth web-based software that can be accessed using any computer or even on mobile phones.

Featured of IIT Kharagpur DEEKSHAK Platform

  • It is a single session platform where the teacher will concentrate on the teaching material.
  • Students can enter their queries in the live chat box, which the teacher will be able to view real-time.
  • Students will also have access to a doubt box where they can click to “raise their hand” and wait for the teacher to address them.
  • The platform allows for teachers to share documents, and update notes real-time.
  • Teachers can mark the attendance of the students on the platform.

IIT Kharagpur says that the software has been tested with about 40 hours of classes being conducted with a total of approximately 300 students. Furthermore, the institute has applied for the copyright registration, and also aims at improving the features and security of the software.

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