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IIT Kanpur Offers 5-day Online Course on Python, Certificates to be Given

IIT Kanpur has offered a 5-day online course called Practical Numerical Methods using Python for interested students and faculty

IIT Kanpur has invited applications from interested students and faculty for a 5-day online course called Practical Numerical Methods using Python. The course, IIT Kanpur says, will not be purely theoretical since a major portion of the course will be dedicated to encouraging students to solve problems. Any difficulties in solving the exercises will be addressed through real-time interactions with the institute’s teaching assistants. Basic elements of Python programming and numerical algorithms, including its implementation, will be covered.

The course coordinator is Professor Mahendra Kumar Verma who has a Tech from IIT Madras. The professor joined IIT Kanpur in 1994, and presently holds the Sanjay Mittal Chair as a Professor in the Department of Physics at the institute. The course will be taught in a blended format that includes live lectures, pre-recorded videos and live question and answer sessions. Each day will consist of 2 hours of lectures followed by 3 hours of supervised problem solving on with appropriate breaks in between, says the official website.

What the IIT Kanpur Online Course on Python will Cover?

The course is being conducted as programmers are driving the revolution of automation that is taking place at present. Some of the topics that will be covered are as follows:

  1. Basic elements of programming:
  • Data Structures
  • Loops
  • Conditionals
  • Functions
  • Plotting
  1. Numerical methods:
  • Integration
  • Differentiation
  • Ordinary Differentiation Equation (ODE) solvers
  • Basic Regression

The website adds that students will also get a chance to implement and enhance their understanding of the course by practicing a variety of problems and exercises on all the topics.

Important Details of the IIT Kanpur Course 

The course will be conducted from 19 to 25 November 2021, and is a paid course that costs Rs 2950 for students. Students will be evaluated based on their performance in the final quiz and a python project, and certificates from IIT Kanpur will be awarded to meritorious students. Those who wish to enrol are advised to go through the official website for more information.

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