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IIT Kanpur Invites Applications for Online Course on Criminal Justice Data Analysis

IIT Kanpur is offering an online course on Criminal Justice Data Analysis which deals with the use of analytics in the criminal justice system

IIT Kanpur ahs invited applications from interested participants for a 12-week online course on Criminal Justice Data Analysis. The course aims at teaching participants about the use of machine learning, artificial intelligence and qualitative methods to study of crime and its control in India. The course will incorporate subject matter from the disciplines of criminology, computing science, mathematics, geography, economics, psychology, management, philosophy, and ethics, with special emphasis upon gender, race and ethnic studies, says IIT Kanpur.

“The course aims to train IPS officers in analytic tools for the study and control of crime. The course will make a conscious effort to build technical skills in applying technology and computing techniques for policing operations in the country. The course is so structured that officers with basic mathematical and computing knowledge can participate and develop their skills. They will study principles of artificial intelligence, simulation, visualization and network analysis,” said Abhay Karandikar, director, IIT Kanpur.

Topics that Will Be Covered Under the IIT Kanpur Online Course on Criminal Justice Data Analysis

The course, which can be covered in a period of 12 weeks if taken for 5 to 7 hours every day, will cover the following topics:

  • Criminological perspectives and crime pattern analysis.
  • Machine learning: principles and predicting crimes through artificial intelligence.
  • Agent-based modeling.
  • Social network analysis for crime and terrorist networks.
  • Crime visualization: principles and applications.
  • Project and presentation.

Who Can Take the IIT Kanpur Online Course on Criminal Justice Data Analysis?

The course has a minimum educational requirement of a bachelor’s degree and experience of working with computers. It would be most suited for the following professionals:

  • Officers of Indian police.
  • Private security managers.
  • Senior officers of defense services.
  • Internal security policy analyst.
  • CJ practitioners.
  • Reseachers.
  • Graduate students of political science, sociology, criminology, computer science, mathematics, and management.

Certificates from IIT Kanpur

Those who successfully complete all course requirements will be awarded a certificate in Criminal Justice Data Analysis by IIT Kanpur. Weekly assignments, exercises, and quizzes carry 90% weightage, and presentation carries 10 percent weightage. The course is scheduled to begin from 10 may 2021 onwards, and will be conducted until 25 July 2021. Those who wish to know more about the IIT Kanpur online course are advised to go through the official website in detail.

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