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IIT Internship 2021: IIT Kanpur Invites Applications from Undergraduates for SURGE Program, Participants to Get Certificates

IIT internship 2021 will be conducted by IIT Kanpur through its SURGE program for undergraduate students from the institute as well as other institutes

IIT internship 2021 will soon be conducted at IIT Kanpur for undergraduate students from the institute as well as other institutes. IIT Kanpur has invited applications from students for its Students Undergraduate Research Graduate Excellence (SURGE) program to be conducted from 14 June to 22 August 2021. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the internship will be held online this year.

Under the SURGE program, students from IIT Kanpur and other participating institutions undertake 10 week long focused research projects. Participants for the SURGE internship program will have to give a mid-term presentation after four weeks, to a review committee consisting of a group of academic staff members. Upon successfully completing the internship program, participants who have do exceptional quality research will receive an award plus a commendation certificate.

Who can Apply for IIT Internship 2021 at IIT Kanpur?

The internship program is open to students from IIT Kanpur as well as other institutes. The option for funding available in the SURGE program as per the official website is as follows:

  • Funding from SURGE (Institute Funded): Students working under “Funding from SURGE” only at IIT Kanpur receive a stipend of Rs 12,500 for 8 weeks duration.
  • Funding from IIT Kanpur Project (Project Funded): This program funded by faculty members of IIT Kanpur will provide an opportunity to the students, to work on projects.
  • Self Funded: This will provide an opportunity to the students, to work on projects of faculty members of IIT Kanpur but would not be receiving any funding at all.
  • Industry IIT Kanpur tie up: This program, wherein the stipend will be paid by the industry, is open to only IIT Kanpur students this year, and will provide an opportunity to participants, as individuals or in teams, to work on real-world projects proposed by the industry with mentors from both IIT Kanpur and the industry.

For the above-mentioned categories, students pursuing the following degrees can apply:

  • BTech, BE, BArch or BS (3rd year completed).
  • Five year degree program 3rd year completed, 4thyear completed.
  • BSc or BA (second year completed).
  • Dual Degree (2nd, 3rd, 4th year).
  • MSc 2-Year (1st year).

Important Dates Pertaining IIT Internship 2021 at IIT Kanpur

Interested and eligible candidates can apply on the official SURGE website before 22 February 2021, and non-IIT Kanpur students need to pay an online application fee of Rs 500. Those who wish to know more are advised to go through the Surge IIT Kanpur website.

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