IIT Goa Invites Applications for Summer School on Industrial Automation

IIT Goa is organising a summer school on industrial automation in partnership with Siemens Digitalization Centre of Excellence

IIT Goa is currently accepting applications from interested students for 4-day summer school on industrial automation. The course will cover various aspects of manufacturing fundamentals, and leverages Siemens technology to develop and cultivate future professionals, utilizing essentials for engineering, technology, manufacturing, industrial design, analysis and detail design. Students who take part in the program will be continuously trained, monitored and assessed.

“Siemens Digitalization Centre of Excellence is an interdisciplinary, industry-backed, centre focused on developing skill excellence across domains. Through the training and implementation of industry-relevant technology and processes, the centre aims to facilitate a multi-disciplinary learning environment across technology, engineering, science and management faculties. It is designed to meet the demands of the industries’ ever-changing processes and help build skills around collaboration and innovation. The centre will leverage Siemens’ integrated platform to draw upon the expertise from various areas to provide its partners with knowledge and tools,” says the IIT Goa website.

What the IIT Goa Summer School on Industrial Automation Will Cover?

Students will get to earn from the following topics during the summer school:

  • Basic manufacturing concepts.
  • Analyzing a manufacturing part.
  • Operation navigator.
  • Parent groups.
  • Cavity milling.
  • Machining with T-cutters.
  • Coordinate systems.
  • Visualization.
  • Planar milling.
  • Floor and wall milling.
  • Manual drilling.
  • Engraving text.

Important Details about the IIT Goa Summer School on Industrial Automation

The IIT Goa summer school will be conducted from 18 October onwards at the institute, and those who wish to attend will have to submit a Google form. Some of the details that will have to be entered are personal and educational information, professionals need to enter details of employment, and an answer on how prospective participants think the course will be useful to them, and what they expect from the course will also have to be provided. Those who wish to apply are advised to go through the IIT Goa website for further information

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