IIT Delhi Offers BTech Degree in Engineering and Computational Mechanics for Students Who Qualify JEE Advanced 2020

IIT Delhi has launched a new BTech degree in Engineering and Computational Mechanics, which students who qualify JEE Advanced 2020 can opt for

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IIT Madras

IIT Delhi will offer a new BTech degree in Engineering and Computational Mechanics for students who qualify JEE Advanced 2020. The new program will be offered from 2020-21 onwards, and will be conducted by the Department of Applied Mechanics, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi. During the four years Bachelor’s program, students will be exposed to aspects of mechanics such as nano-mechanics, multi-scale modeling, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.


Prof Sanjeev Sanghi, HoD, Applied Mechanics said that students who successfully complete this program are likely to be presented with very bright prospects in terms of jobs as well as during higher studies like Master’s and PhD in institutes in India and abroad. The students taking this course will be able to analyze complex interdisciplinary phenomena relevant to problems in industry and cutting edge research through experimentation, analysis and computation.

The BTech in Engineering and Computational Mechanics aims to:

  • Provide depth in addressing fundamental engineering questions.
  • Expose students to recent trends in computational techniques and experiments.
  • Provide a strong grounding in the fundamentals of engineering mechanics along with the tools to address areas such as Biomechanics, Nanomechanics, Constitutive Modeling at Multiple Length and Time Scales, Parallel Processing for Mechanics Problems, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence in Mechanics.

"Design, analysis and research jobs in sectors such as defence, aerospace, automotive, shipping, bio-mechanics and bio-medical devices, off-shore structures, etc. will be open to students doing this programme, which has been designed based on consultation with industry," added Prof Sanghi.