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IIT Delhi Invites Applications for 12-week Free Online Course on Artificial Intelligence

IIT Delhi is offering a free online course on artificial intelligence for undergraduate students and any interested professionals

IIT Delhi is currently accepting applications for a free online course called “An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence” on the SWAYAM NPTEL platform. The course aims at introducing participants to a variety of concepts in the field of artificial intelligence. While is the course is free to enroll and learn from, those who want certificates will have to pay Rs 1000, and clear an examination that will be conducted on 29 April 2023. 

The course will be conducted by professor Mausam who is Associate Professor of Computer Science department at IIT Delhi, and an affiliate faculty member at University of Washington, Seattle. “His research explores several threads in artificial intelligence, including scaling probabilistic planning algorithms, large-scale information extraction over the Web, and enabling complex computation over crowdsourced platforms,” says the NPTEL website.

Who Can Take the IIT Delhi Free Online Course on Artificial Intelligence?

While the course can be taken up by anyone with a knowledge on data structures, and probability, it would be most beneficial for undergraduate students pursuing their computer science degree in the following domains:

  • Computer science and engineering.
  • Artificial intelligence.
  • Data science.
  • Robotics.

What the IIT Delhi Free Online Course on Artificial Intelligence Will Cover?

The course will basically serve as a precursor for students who are hoping to take a variety or focused and advanced courses in several subfields of artificial intelligence. Some of the topics that will be covered are as follows:

  • Philosophy of artificial intelligence and definitions. 
  • Modeling a problem as search problem, and uninformed search.
  • Heuristic search, and domain relaxations.
  • Local search, and genetic algorithms.
  • Adversarial search.
  • Constraint satisfaction.
  • Propositional logic and satisfiability.
  • Uncertainty in artificial intelligence, and Bayesian networks.
  • Bayesian networks learning and inference, and decision theory.
  • Markov decision processes.
  • Reinforcement learning.
  • Introduction to deep learning and deep reinforcement learning.

The course will be conducted from 23 January to 14 April 2023, and the last date to enroll is 30 January 2023. Those who wish to apply are advised to go through the official website for further information.

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