Iftar at Silicon Valley

By: Harish Jagtiani
‘Ramzān’ is a festival in Islamic religion where Muslims fast for 30 days. 
Sehr-o-Iftar timings depend on Sunrise and Sunset and thus it is different every day for every city. In Bengaluru on June 27th, 2105, the Sehr was at 4.37 am and Iftar was at 6.50 pm. Iftar (Arabic: إفطار‎ ifṭār  ‘breakfast’) is the evening meal when Muslims end their daily Ramadan fast during sunset. Thus, Muslims in Bengaluru could break the fast after 6.50 pm on 27th. 

Nalina and I accompanied by Asha and Gulu Advani went to Mosque Road in Fraser Town in the evening as the food stalls open for business around 6 pm. The plan was to walk up and down the Mosque Road and check out all the different stuff available and then pick up some to bring home. While others were in Shiva’s getting their guitars fixed, I strolled around. The very first stall had ‘Bombay’ in its long name and specialized in one of my favorite savories. So I watched while these were selling hot from the frying pan.


Samosas looked similar to what we get in Irani restaurants or on Mohammad Ali Road in Bombay, but sllghtly bigger in size. Baba, my father, used to buy the ‘pattis’ from Lamington Road and bring it home and Ami would prepare the samosa stuffed with keema or potatoes. What I saw at the very first stall were equally tempting samosas – chicken @ Rs 12, vegetable @ Rs 8 and mutton @ Rs 6 somewhat smaller than the other two. I bought a dozen of the mutton samosas and I had two of them right away and further two when we got to our friend’s home. They were really tasty though with more onions and less mutton.

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